Fahadan Neighborhood in Yazd: A Historic and Beautiful City

Fahadan Neighborhood in Yazd: A Historic and Beautiful City

The Fahadan neighborhood in Yazd is one of the most captivating, historic, and significant areas in the city, steeped in traditional and historical architecture. Besides its architectural importance, the Fahadan neighborhood also harbors numerous historical sites.

Location of the Fahadan Neighborhood

Today, the Fahadan neighborhood located between the streets of Seyyed Gol Sorkh, Fahadan, and Imam and situated in the northwest part of Amir Chakhmaq Square.

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History of the Fahadan Neighborhood

History Of The Fahadan Neighborhood By Like A Local Guide
History of the Fahadan Neighborhood

The Fahadan neighborhood has always held a special place in Yazd, with elites and nobles residing in the area since ancient times.

The towers and walls surrounding this neighborhood constructed by residents, including high-ranking military officials known as Kalanjar rulers, who governed Yazd.

Among the people of Yazd, this area also referred to as a “forest,” symbolizing the residence of prominent individuals and well-known figures.

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Notable Places in the Fahadan Neighborhood

As the name Fahadan implies, it is a residential area that houses several of Yazd’s historical attractions, reflecting the area’s rich history and heritage.

Historical Lari Houses

Historical Lari Houses
Historical Lari Houses (photo by IranRoute)

These house belonged to Mohammad Ebrahim Lari and built during the Qajar period. The Lari House consist of six interconnected homes within a unique architectural structure, renowned for their windcatchers.

Imamzadeh Seyed Panhoon

Imamzadeh Seyed Panhoon
Imamzadeh Seyed Panhoon (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Also known in the local dialect as Seyed Panhoon, this site serves as the burial place of Imamzadeh Seyed Taj al-Din Jafar. It is located in Kooshk-e Now Street and dates back to the Timurid era. Seyed Panhoon, as the local stories suggest, lived a secluded life, devoting himself to asceticism and isolation.

Zandaneh Prison (Ziaiyeh School)

Ziaiyeh School Yazd Iran
Ziaiyeh School, Yazd, Iran (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

This historic building in the Fahadan neighborhood known as Zandaneh Eskandar (Alexander Pierson) or Ziaiyeh School. It earned the nickname “Yazd’s Prison” because of local legends suggesting that Alexander the Great once imprisoned someone there.

Zia al-Din Hossein Rezi and his sons built the Ziaiyeh School. Initially, it was just a tomb and a memorial building, constructed during the Mongol invasions. Over generations, it expanded and transformed into its present-day structure.

Museum of Coins and Ethnography, Heidarzadeh

Museum Of Coins And Ethnography Heidarzadeh By Tasnim
Museum of Coins and Ethnography, Heidarzadeh (photo by Tasnim)

Located in the historical Arabzadeh House, this museum established by Hossein Heidarzadeh, a prominent figure in the field of numismatics. The museum showcases coins from pre-Islamic times to the modern era, along with various artifacts representing the life and indigenous art of the people of Yazd.

Baqeh-ye Dozdah Imam (Tomb of the Twelve Imams)

Tomb Of The Twelve Imams
Tomb of the Twelve Imams (photo by Wikipedia)

This brick dome, dating back to the Seljuk era, considered one of the ancient religious buildings in Yazd.

Wrapping Up

Explore the rich history and beauty of the Fahadan neighborhood in Yazd, a place where the past comes alive through its architectural wonders and historical significance. Visit these remarkable sites to immerse yourself in the city’s cultural heritage.

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