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Ganjnameh: Iran's Historic & Recreational Complex

Ancient Inscriptions that Unlock the Secrets of Persian History

Hamadan hosts an array of tourist attractions, historical sites, and leisure activities that attract numerous fans globally. Among the most famous landmarks in Hamadan is Ganjnameh, renowned worldwide for its allure.

Annually, numerous domestic and international tourism tours visit the historical recreational complex of Ganjnameh in Hamadan, making the city a tourism hub in Iran. To learn more about Ganjnameh Hamadan, stay tuned with SURFIRAN’s magazine.

The History of Ganjnameh

Ganjnameh in Hamedan

For over two decades since the inauguration of the Ganjnameh village, the ancient inscriptions there date back thousands of years. These inscriptions belong to the Achaemenid era, etched into one of the Alvand mountain’s rocks. Beautifully inscribed in three languages—Elamite, Babylonian, and Old Persian—these inscriptions are spread across three columns of twenty lines each.

Various names have been chosen for these inscriptions over the ages, with each historian holding unique beliefs about their names. For instance, Ibn Fakih Hamadani introduced these inscriptions as Tab Tab in his book “Akhbar al-Buldan.”

Other names selected for these inscriptions up to the sixth century include stone inscriptions, Tan Babr, Dadmehan, Alvand inscriptions, Bebenyah, Jangnameh, and Ganjnameh, with the latter two becoming more commonly known in recent centuries.

Ganjnameh, in Persian, means “a tale of treasure,” and many locals believed these inscriptions held the secret to hidden treasures, thus naming them Ganjnameh.

However, the name Jangnameh, derived from the impact of the warfare of the kings of that era on these inscriptions, is believed by many to be the original name, with “Ganj” gradually being replaced by “Jang” over time.


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Notable Features of the Ganjnameh Inscriptions

The rocks bearing the inscriptions are oriented eastward. Two tablets, inscribed in Old Persian, Babylonian, and Elamite, measure 9.2 meters in length, 9.1 meters in width, and are 30 centimeters deep. On the left tablet, a Persian text spans a width of 115 centimeters. The Babylonian text, narrower than the Persian, is situated in the center of both tablets, with the Elamite text on the right side, being the narrowest.

Ganjnameh Inscriptions, Hamedan (photo by Wikipedia)

The right tablet is dedicated to Xerxes, and the left to Darius the Great, each inscribed in twenty lines. Holes around the inscriptions on the rocks suggest ancient preservation efforts against rain and sun, possibly with metal coverings.

The inscriptions were carved by the Achaemenid kings to not only praise Ahura Mazda but also to remind passersby of their beliefs and thoughts. These texts were deciphered by specialists in ancient scripts in 1320, with translations inscribed on two stone tablets within the Ganjnameh site in 1373.

Exploring Ganjnameh’s Diverse Attractions

The Ganjnameh tourist, cultural, and sports village stands as a premier destination in Hamadan, offering a rich blend of recreational, tourist, and historical facilities. Visitors to Hamadan often allocate time to explore this complex, highlighting its significance among the city’s attractions.

Ganjnameh Waterfall

Ganjnameh Waterfall, Hamedan

With a height of 12 meters, located on the ascent to the Alvand mountain ranges and five kilometers west of Hamadan beside the Ganjnameh inscriptions, the waterfall presents a stunning view alongside beautiful rocks.

In winter, the waterfall forms picturesque ice stalactites, attracting ice climbers. Surrounding the waterfall are numerous restaurants and entertainment facilities, offering exciting moments for tourists.

Alvand Mountain and Mishan Plain

Alvand Mountain, Hamedan, Iran

Alvand Mountain, with its unique and breathtaking nature, resembles a slice of paradise. Mishan Plain, located behind the Ganjnameh Waterfall, is adorned with roaring springs, waterfalls, and lush greenery, creating a scene hard to leave in spring.

Ganjnameh Inscriptions

Inscriptions of Ganjnameh, Hamedan

The most valuable part of the Ganjnameh village is its ancient inscriptions, situated near the waterfall. These inscriptions, which introduce Achaemenid kings Darius and Xerxes, provide a fascinating and attractive visit for history enthusiasts.

Aquarium Cave

Aquarium Cave, Ganjnameh, Hamedan

For over a decade, the largest lake aquarium in Iran has been operational in this village. Inspired by the Ali Sadr Cave, the Aquarium Cave houses some of the world’s rarest environmental specimens and reptiles. The design of this section offers a unique and exclusive atmosphere with artificial rain and fog.

Ganjnameh Cable Car

Ganjnameh Cable Car

The cable car, with a 800-meter elevation difference and a 1680-meter line length, features

50 cabins in its first phase. It ranks among Ganjnameh’s most thrilling recreational facilities, extending towards the Mishan area of Alvand’s green heights, offering an exceptionally beautiful view.

Other recreational facilities in Ganjnameh village include the Tyrolean zip line, bungee jumping platform, trial track, rail sledge, rock climbing wall, bowling alley, amusement park, coffee shop and restaurant, botanical garden, and more.

Visiting Conditions

Visiting Ganjnameh in Hamedan

Visiting Ganjnameh Hamadan is possible throughout the year, with tourists welcomed in the spring and summer from 4 PM to 8 PM and in autumn and winter from 2 PM to 6 PM.

Tourists must pay an entrance fee, which varies for Iranian nationals and foreigners. If you’re planning a trip to this ancient city with a flight to Hamadan, ensure to visit the Ganjnameh complex for an unforgettable experience.


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Access to Ganjnameh

Located in Hamadan province, 5 kilometers southwest of Hamadan city, at the end of Abbas Abad Valley, Ganjnameh is accessible by personal vehicle or taxi.

For those looking to explore the historical and recreational richness of Ganjnameh in Hamadan, ensure your journey includes this magnificent destination. Whether you’re booking your trip through OrientTrips or planning a tailored tour with SURFIRAN, Ganjnameh promises an enriching experience that combines the ancient world’s marvels with modern-day leisure and adventure.

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