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Helium Park Mashhad: Fun with a Jumping Twist

A World of Excitement For The Whole Family

Helium Park Mashhad is recognized as Iran’s first trampoline park, situated on Janbaz Boulevard, one of the amusement parks in Mashhad. This entertainment complex offers thrilling sports and virtual games suitable for various age groups. This article explores the details and facilities of Helium Park. Join SURFIRAN to learn more about this exciting park.

Where is Helium Park Mashhad?

Helium Park is located on Janbaz Boulevard, between Janbaz 5 and 7. This amusement park is situated on the fourth and fifth floors of the Mowarid Tower Goharshad. You can visit this park using a car, bus, or metro.

Directions to Helium Park Mashhad by Car

The most economical way to travel to Mashhad and enjoy this park is by train, as it is more affordable than flight tickets. If you prefer to drive, you can choose different routes. The best route to visit the park is via Azadi and Shahid Cheraghi Highways. From Azadi Highway, reach Esteghlal Square, enter Ferdowsi Boulevard, and from Janbaz Square, enter Janbaz Boulevard.

Helium Park in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province
Helium Park in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province

How to Reach Helium Park Mashhad by Bus and Metro

In addition to driving, you can use public transportation like buses and the metro. The nearest metro station to Helium Park is Khayyam Station on line one, about 3 kilometers away. From this station, you can take a taxi or bus line 88 to reach the amusement park.

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Games at Helium Park Mashhad

Helium Park is one of the best attractions in Mashhad, offering various games and facilities. It is Iran’s first trampoline park, opened in 2018. The park includes two separate halls on the 4th and 5th floors of Goharshad Tower, each with unique designs and games. Below, we review the games in Halls A and B.

What Games Are in Hall A of Helium Park?

Games at Helium Park Mashhad
Games at Helium Park Mashhad

This hall, located on the fourth floor, features an ocean theme with blue colors, creating a calming atmosphere. The games in this hall include trampoline volleyball and basketball, rock climbing, ninja course, gymnastics, free jumping, and VR games. Trampolines are available in both halls.

Rock Climbing at Helium Park Mashhad

This activity takes place in a designated rock-climbing area. People of all ages, from children to adults, can participate. The climbing area features various rock formations with different heights and shapes, surrounded by soft foam pits.

Ninja Course at Helium Park

The ninja course features a path with various obstacles that you must navigate using different movements. This course is in the second area of Helium Park. The game’s stages range from easy to challenging, suitable for various age groups.

Games in Hall B of Helium Park Mashhad

Visiting Helium Park of Mashhad
Visiting Helium Park of Mashhad

Helium Park’s jungle-themed Hall B is designed in green and offers different games than Hall A. Besides children’s games, adult games like dodgeball, bubble soccer, foot billiards, kickball, fighting, free jumping, airbags, and trampoline basketball are also available.

Dodgeball at Helium Park

Dodgeball is one of the nine trampoline sections where you can move in different directions with a ball on the trampoline. This game is suitable for teenagers and adults and can be played solo or in groups.

Kickball at Helium Park

Kickball is similar to basketball but played with two players. In this game, you must jump on the trampoline and shoot the ball into your opponent’s basket without entering their area. The player who scores more points wins the game.

Kids Area of Helium Amusement Park in Mashhad
Kids Area of Helium Amusement Park in Mashhad

VR Games at Helium Park

In addition to exciting trampoline games and children’s activities, VR games are available in both halls. These games, designed with virtual reality technology, blur the line between virtual and real worlds. Using VR headsets, you experience environmental effects like sound and visuals.

Facilities at Helium Park Mashhad

The park offers various facilities, including cafes in both Halls A and B. Helium Park Mashhad also has a birthday hall, which can be decorated according to your order. The park features special children’s trampoline and ball games. The Helium Park Mashhad parking garage has four floors, offering three hours of free parking.

Rock Climbing at Helium Park Mashhad
Rock Climbing at Helium Park Mashhad

Is Helium Park Mashhad Open?

Helium Park Mashhad was temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the virus’s spread. It has since reopened, adhering to health protocols. The park’s operating hours are from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturdays to Wednesdays and from 10:00 AM to midnight on Thursdays and Fridays. Additionally, one of the halls is reserved for women from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

Booking Tickets for Helium Park Mashhad


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You can book tickets online by visiting the park’s official website. The ticket prices for different games vary. The park charges an entry fee of 100,000 IRR per person for two hours. Ticket prices for the children’s play area and the adult sports area are 400,000 IRR and 750,000 IRR for 30 minutes, respectively.

The entry fee for the virtual games area is 900,000 IRR for 15 minutes, with an additional 500,000 IRR for the next 15 minutes. Helium Park Mashhad also offers various discounts on special occasions, detailed on its website.

Helium Amusement Park, Mashhad
Helium Amusement Park, Mashhad

Rules for Entering Helium Park

Helium Park has several rules and restrictions you need to know before visiting:

  • There is a height restriction for entry, and children shorter than 76 cm are not allowed.
  • The park has two halls with three different sections: one for children aged 1 to 3, one for children aged 3 to 6, and another for individuals aged 7 to 70.
  • The games are not suitable for people with heart conditions, bone diseases like osteoporosis, or skin conditions.
  • Before using the park, you must read and complete international forms and commitment forms.
  • To maintain safety and prevent slipping, everyone must wear special socks while jumping.
  • Long-sleeved clothing is required for using trampolines and other games to prevent scratches.
  • Do not bring glasses, mobile phones, or cameras onto the trampolines.

Important Places Near Helium Park Mashhad

Visiting Helium Park is one of the activities you can enjoy on Janbaz Boulevard in Mashhad. If you visit this amusement park, we recommend checking out other attractions or restaurants in Mashhad.

Shopping Centers Near Helium Park

Proma Shopping Center, Mashhad
Proma Shopping Center, Mashhad

Proma Shopping Center: Located in Janbaz Square, about 600 meters from Helium Park. This shopping center features various stores selling women’s and men’s clothing, household items, bags, and shoes. The top floor of Proma Shopping Center also has an amusement park with bowling, billiards, and a 7D cinema.

Kian Center Shopping Mall: This mall consists of two complexes opposite each other, about 1 kilometer from Helium Park. These malls operate from 10:00 AM to midnight and feature various stores selling clothing, bags, shoes, an amusement park, a food court, and a hypermarket.

Restaurants Near Helium Park Mashhad

Candaz Fast Food in Mashhad
Candaz Fast Food in Mashhad

Various restaurants and fast-food outlets are located along Janbaz Boulevard, including Candaz Fast Food, which is near Proma and 450 meters from Helium Park. Other nearby options include Javadi Restaurant and Ponak Pizza.

Final Note

In this article, we provided a comprehensive guide to Helium Park Mashhad and its various games. This amusement park offers different trampoline games like basketball, volleyball, and virtual games. The games are spread across two separate halls, with specific times for men and women to use them simultaneously. If you visit this amusement park during your trip to Mashhad, share your experiences and additional information with us.

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