Tehran Milad Tower

Milad Tower, standing as a prominent landmark in Tehran, is not just Iran’s tallest tower but also an iconic symbol of modernity and cultural exchange.

Situated in the heart of the city, Milad Tower boasts an impressive architecture that merges traditional Persian designs with contemporary engineering marvels. Offering panoramic views of Tehran, this tower serves as a multipurpose complex, including a world-class restaurant, museums, and a convention center.

Visitors to Milad Tower in Tehran can expect an unforgettable experience, where history meets modern elegance, making it a must-visit destination for travelers and locals alike.

Where is Milad Tower located?

Before diving into what lies within the Milad Tower and its facilities, let’s first address its location within Tehran. Search the northwestern part of the Tehran map, and you’ll find the towering Milad. Constructed on a 62-hectare hill, it claims the title of Tehran’s highest point. It’s nestled in the north of the Gisha district, also known as Kouye Nasr.

If one were to view the Milad Tower from above, it’s situated amidst a rectangle, its sides defined by Tehran’s major highways: Hemmat to the north, Hakim to the south, Chamran to the east, and Sheikh Fazlollah to the west.


Close to the main structure, on its eastern side, lies the Milad Hospital. The tower itself is situated to the south of the Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood and to the north of Gisha. Furthermore, to the east of the tower, the Shahrak-e Valfajr can be spotted on the map. The Pardisan Park adorns the tower’s west, while the Conversation Park beautifies a section of its southeastern side.

How to Access Milad Tower in Tehran

The best means of transportation to reach the Milad Tower is a private vehicle, as its geographical location does not grant easy access to public transportation lines. In this section, we will explain how to access the Milad Tower:

Visiting Milad Tower by Private Car Generally, to visit the tower’s premises and its interiors, there are three distinct routes available for those traveling by personal vehicle. These paths connect to the tower through three major highways: Sheikh Fazlollah Noori, Hakim, and Hemmat.

  • From the Sheikh Fazlollah Noori highway, take the Hemmat highway entrance, then take the tower’s dedicated bypass.
  • From the western Hakim highway, after the Chamran highway, use the tower’s special entrance.
  • From the eastern Hemmat highway, take the southern exit of the Sheikh Fazlollah Noori highway, followed by the tower’s dedicated cable bridge.

Nearest Metro Station to Milad Tower To reach Milad Tower via the metro, simply head to the closest metro station to the tower, which is the “Milad Tower” metro station. If you consult the Tehran metro map, this station is located on the seventh metro line.

Nearest Bus and Taxi Stops to Milad Tower The Milad Hospital station is the nearest bus stop to the Milad Tower and is located on the Hemmat highway.

Taxi terminals at Tajrish, Sadeghiyeh, and Azadi are also the best options for reaching the Milad Tower by taxi.

Visiting Hours for Milad Tower in Tehran The operational hours for the Milad Tower differ between the first and second halves of the year, as detailed below:

  • Visiting hours in the first half of the year: From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Visiting hours in the second half of the year: From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Buying Tickets for Milad Tower

To know the latest ticket prices for the Milad Tower, you can visit the official website of the tower. In general, there are two ways to purchase a ticket:

1. In Person 2. Online through the Milad Tower ticket sales website.

Each ticket is valid for a specified time. When visiting, you should show either a printed version of the ticket or the QR code on your mobile phone to the relevant official.

The ticket for visiting the attractions of Milad Tower is divided into two categories, each with a different price. The first category includes a visit to the open-air observation deck of the tower. The second ticket type includes visits to various parts of Milad Tower, such as:

  • The four-story open-air observation deck (with a 360-degree view of Tehran)
  • The Sky Dome (the highest floor at the top of the structure)
  • The Iranian Celebrities Museum
  • The Tehran Municipality Gifts Museum

When purchasing a ticket for Milad Tower, please note:

  • The tower’s high-speed elevator can be dangerous for pregnant women.
  • The visit can be hazardous for children under 7 years old. Also, the rapid movement of the elevator can cause air pressure changes, leading to ear pain in children under 2 years old.

How Tall is Milad Tower?

The Milad Tower in Tehran stands at a height of 435 meters. It is considered one of the marvels and masterpieces of architecture in Iran and is recognized as the sixth tallest telecommunications tower in the world.

How Many Steps are in Milad Tower?


The Milad Tower in Tehran has 1,693 steps. However, don’t worry, you don’t have to climb these steps; the elevator is at your service.

Facilities of Milad Tower

Before exploring the tower, it’s good to have some basic information about the facilities that Milad Tower offers:

  1. City Shop and Advertising Stands: Various kiosks and shops available for visitors.
  2. International Conferences and Exhibitions: The tower often hosts global events and exhibitions.
  3. Guesthouse: Specifically for guests of Tehran Municipality.
  4. Facilities for Disabled: Elevators and paths dedicated for disabled visitors.
  5. Parking: An indoor parking facility with a capacity of 1,000 vehicles, and two open-air parking areas.
  6. Recreational and Welfare Facilities: Both inside and around the tower, there are various amenities and entertainment options.
  7. Professional Studio: Fully-equipped studio for broadcasting and recordings.
  8. Taxi Service: For convenient transportation to and from the tower.
  9. Car Wash: Available for those parking at the tower.
  10. Prayer Room: For those who wish to perform their prayers.
  11. Restrooms: Clean and modern facilities.
  12. Concert Hall and Cinema: For various performances and screenings.
  13. Sky Park: Offers thrilling height-based recreations, like bungee jumping and sky swings.

Recreational Facilities of Milad Tower


Many are curious about what Milad Tower has to offer beyond its iconic structure. Not only is the tower itself a sight to behold, but its surroundings also provide a myriad of entertainment options for visitors. Here’s a closer look:

Enigma Escape Room If you’re someone who thrills in adrenaline-pumping activities, don’t miss out on the Enigma Escape Room in the Milad complex. This escape room is an exciting game that invites you on a group adventure. Designed for groups of 4 to 6 people, the Enigma game is a puzzle-rich experience where all participants must find the key to exit the room within an hour.


Zip Line and Suspension Bridge

The zip line and suspension bridge are among the thrilling activities available at Milad Tower. For adrenaline junkies, this experience is a must. The zip line, situated on the western side of the tower, boasts a height of 75 meters and spans 170 meters, offering breathtaking moments for visitors. After your zip-lining experience, you can complete the adventure by crossing the suspension bridge. The bridge stretches for 100 meters with a height of 70 meters.

6D Cinema and 7D Game


The Milad recreational complex offers a captivating blend of exciting entertainment in the capital for residents and tourists alike. Among the most enjoyable attractions at Milad Tower are the 6D Cinema and the 7D Game. These experiences are sure to spike your adrenaline levels. The duration of the multi-dimensional cinema is about 5 to 7 minutes.

Watching a film in the 6D cinema is an immersive experience with thrilling effects such as sounds of wind, thunder, and lightning. The synchronized chairs move in all directions according to the movie’s scenario, with different speeds and accelerations. The 7D game comes with diverse effects, synchronized chair movements, and an exhilarating vibe.


These games are played in groups, and each player’s score will be determined at the end. Players are provided with a laser gun for each seat, and during the game, their pictures will be taken. Capturing these exciting and delightful moments with the players’ reactions is one of the fun features of the 7D game at the tower. Remember, the 6D cinema and 7D game are suitable for individuals over the age of 7. Those with heart conditions and pregnant women should not partake in these experiences.

Cinema and Convention Center

The numerous halls in the tower cater to a diverse audience. If you’re a movie enthusiast, you can watch the latest films in the modern and well-equipped cinema halls of the tower.

Additionally, for attending concerts and programs by renowned national musicians and bands, and often international artists, Milad Tower is the go-to destination.


Milad Tower Attractions

The towering Milad Tower, apart from its essential role in communication systems, has transformed into one of Tehran’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its recreational and welfare facilities. Here, you can not only explore museums and attend cultural seminars but also indulge in thrilling activities.

Join us as we delve deeper into the different parts of Milad Tower and the attractions surrounding it, taking you on a tour of this recreational and tourist complex.


The Closed Viewing Deck of Milad Tower

One of the unique attractions of Tehran Tower is located on its fourth floor at a height of 261 meters, known as the Closed Viewing Deck. This covered section of the Milad Tower offers a chance to gaze upon Tehran and witness the entire city within a single frame.

From this altitude, Tehran lies beneath you, and the breathtaking combination of modern skyscrapers alongside Tehran’s natural beauty will mesmerize you. Especially if you visit the tower in the sunny early days of spring, as during these days, Tehran’s air is clean with minimal pollution. Under these conditions, a clearer image of Tehran’s beauties unfolds before your eyes in the closed viewing deck.

Municipality Museum


Adjacent to the closed viewing deck on the fourth floor is the Municipality’s Museum of Gifts and Manuscripts. This museum houses old Iranian manuscripts, documents, and gifts presented to the municipality. These gifts have been donated to the municipality over various periods.

One of the significant attractions of Milad Tower within this museum is the very ancient globes brought from the Georges Pompidou Museum. An interesting detail that you’ll observe with care on these historical geographical globes is the name ‘Persian Gulf’ inscribed over the map of Iran. These globes date from the 7th to the 20th century, serving as a testament to the age, authenticity, and originality of the name ‘Persian Gulf’.

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