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Historical Saat Tower in Tabriz

World of Tabriz Saat Tower, Where History Whispers Through its Timeless Walls and Intricate Design

Tabriz, a city rich in culture and history, is home to the Saat Tower, also known as the Tabriz Municipality Palace. This iconic building, constructed between 1935 and 1939 under the supervision of German engineers and led by Haj Arfa’ al-Molk Jalili, the mayor of Tabriz at the time, stands as a symbol of the city’s historical and cultural significance.

The Architectural Significance of Saat Tower

The Tabriz Municipality Palace is a collaborative masterpiece of Iranian and German design, reflecting the architectural styles prevalent in Germany before World War II. Nearly 80 years old, the palace is prominently located in Tabriz’s Saat Square, a well-known and easily accessible location.

A Prime Spot for Tourism and Photography

Situated near several famous markets of Tabriz, including the Grand Covered Bazaar, Tarbiat, and Shahnaz markets, the Saat Tower attracts numerous tourists. Its strategic location and stunning architecture make it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

Saat Tower Tabriz Iran
Saat Tower, Tabriz, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Delving into the History of Saat Tower

Built on the site of an abandoned cemetery in the Nobar neighborhood in 1935, the Saat Tower was supervised by German engineers during Haj Arfa’ al-Molk Jalili’s tenure as mayor. The building features a four-faced clock tower, chiming every hour, marking time with its harmonious bells for the people of Tabriz.

The Alluring Architecture of the Municipality Palace

Architecture Of Saat Tower Tabriz Iran
Architecture of Saat Tower, Tabriz, Iran

The palace covers an area of approximately 9,600 square meters, with a base area of about 6,500 square meters. The 30-meter-tall clock tower is beautifully designed, with gentle chimes announcing the hours to the city’s residents. The external fa├žade, adorned with carved stones and eagle motifs, draws inspiration from classic pre-World War II German buildings.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the heart of Tabriz at Saat Square, the palace currently functions as the Tabriz City Hall. It is easily accessible by public transportation, including the Tabriz metro and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system. The Saat Square metro station and the Tarbiat BRT station are the nearest stops, making the palace a convenient destination for visitors.

Saat Tower In Tabriz At Night
Saat Tower in Tabriz at Night (photo by Friendlyiran)

Current Use of the Municipality Palace

Registered as a national heritage site in Iran in 1998, the building now serves as a city museum and the main office of the Tabriz Municipality. It’s a hub for the city’s developmental and administrative affairs, often hosting meetings with famous personalities and city and national officials.


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A Gateway to Tabriz’s Historical Houses

Visitors to Tabriz, after exploring the Saat Tower, can easily visit nearby historical houses like the Behnam House and the House of Master Shahriar. These attractions are just a few streets away from Saat Square, making it possible to explore half of Tabriz’s historical sites from this central location.

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