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Kooh Sangi Park in Mashhad

An Idyllic Oasis, Nestled in the Heart of Mashhad

Kooh Sangi Park, situated in the vibrant city of Mashhad, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and urban development. Beyond the spiritual solace found at the Imam Reza shrine, this park offers a refreshing escape, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. Renowned for its ancient rocks, Kooh Sangi Park is among the city’s oldest and most famous green spaces.


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The Essence of Kooh Sangi Park

The park’s allure is amplified by the presence of two majestic granite hills, giving it the name “Kooh Sangi” or “Stone Mountain.” This beautifully landscaped area features artificial waterfalls and streams, creating a serene ambiance. Large pools and fountains spread throughout the park add a touch of elegance, while the recreational and cultural facilities cater to visitors of all ages. The design incorporates cascades that gracefully flow down the granite rocks, adding to the park’s natural beauty.

Location and Features

Kooh Sangi Park is located in one of Mashhad’s most picturesque areas, on the city’s southern edge. It houses a summer house with a vast pool, fed by the waters of the Gonabad qanat. The surrounding stone pathways and lush trees enhance the area’s beauty, often referred to as a “gateway to paradise.”

The park serves as a sprawling natural oasis, adorned with various flowers and trees, ensuring year-round greenery. Its central rock feature makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment. Facilities include two separate parking areas, with visitors advised to remember their parking spot to avoid confusion.

Renovation and Accessibility

Kooh Sangi Park, Mashhad
Kooh Sangi Park, Mashhad

Recently renovated, Kooh Sangi Park is situated at the southern end of the city, near the southern mountains, at the end of Kooh Sangi Boulevard. Its popularity is due in part to the large pool, a small amusement park, picnic areas, and the nearby Khurasan Great Museum. The Khurasan Art Market, located close to the park, offers a range of handicrafts, showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Kooh Sangi as a Tourist Destination

Visiting Kooh Sangi Park in Mashhad
Visiting Kooh Sangi Park in Mashhad

Now integrated into the urban fabric due to the city’s expansion, Kooh Sangi remains a favorite weekend destination for local families. They gather here to enjoy family outings, with some bringing homemade meals or barbecue setups. The cooler evening air during summer makes it a preferred spot for enjoying the natural surroundings. The park offers a spectacular nighttime view of Mashhad, thanks to its elevated position overlooking the city.

Cultural and Recreational Offerings

Kooh Sangi Park
Kooh Sangi Park

Inside Kooh Sangi Park, shops and children’s play areas ensure a family-friendly environment. Carriage rides are available, making the park one of the most popular destinations in Mashhad after the Imam Reza shrine and Mellat amusement park. The natural landscape, enhanced by water flowing down from the mountain, creates a breathtaking natural scene.

The Khurasan Great Museum

Khurasan Great Museum, Mashhad
Khurasan Great Museum, Mashhad (photo by Wikipedia)

The Khurasan Great Museum, an integral part of the Kooh Sangi cultural and recreational complex, is designed to introduce visitors to the culture and civilization of Greater Iran. The museum showcases artifacts from regions that were historically part of the Persian empire, including modern-day Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan. It’s a unique venue where visitors can explore the enduring Persian influence on these cultures.

Visiting Hours and Access

Kooh Sangi Park and the Khurasan Great Museum are open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM, with closures on certain public holidays. This cultural haven offers a comprehensive look at the rich tapestry of Persian heritage, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring Mashhad.

Kooh Sangi Park not only serves as a green lung for the city but also as a reminder of Mashhad’s ability to preserve its natural beauty amid rapid urbanization. This park is a testament to the city’s commitment to providing recreational spaces that cater to the wellbeing of its residents and visitors alike.

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