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Khalid Nabi Cemetery: A Mystical Site of Northeastern Iran

Travel Guide to Khalid Nabi Cemetery, Iran

Situated in the picturesque Golestan province near Iran’s border with Turkmenistan, Khalid Nabi Cemetery is a remarkable and enigmatic site roughly 60 kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e Kavous.

Located in the Gokcheh Dagh hills of Turkmen Sahra, the cemetery lies close to a mausoleum dedicated to Khalid Nabi, a figure revered by the Yomut Turkomans as a pre-Islamic prophet.

Some Facts About Khalid Nabi Cemetery

  • Mysterious Shapes: The tombstones at Khalid Nabi Cemetery are famed for their intriguing shapes, some resembling human figures and others that are more abstract. The variety in designs has led to numerous interpretations, adding an air of mystery to the site.
  • A Prophet’s Resting Place: Khalid Nabi, for whom the cemetery is named, is said to have been a prophet who lived before Islamic times. His teachings still influence the region, blending with Islamic beliefs to create a unique spiritual landscape.
  • A Floral Phenomenon: Each spring, the hills surrounding Khalid Nabi Cemetery burst into a kaleidoscope of colors with wildflowers blooming everywhere. It’s a natural spectacle that contrasts the solemnity of the cemetery with vibrant life.
  • Cultural Melting Pot: The cemetery reflects the area’s diverse cultural heritage, where pre-Islamic beliefs merge with Islamic traditions, showcasing Iran’s complex historical tapestry.
  • Remote Beauty: Located atop the Gokcheh Dagh hills, the cemetery is not only a spiritual site but also a vantage point offering panoramic views of Iran’s northeastern landscape, making it a hidden gem for adventurous travelers.
  • A Pilgrimage Site: Despite its remote location, Khalid Nabi Cemetery attracts pilgrims and travelers from far and wide, drawn by the site’s spiritual significance and the mystery surrounding the origins and meanings of its tombstones.
  • No Ordinary Cemetery: Unlike typical graveyards, Khalid Nabi Cemetery’s tombstones are set in an almost artful arrangement, creating patterns that are visible from afar, hinting at an ancient form of communication or ritualistic expression.

This sacred site, together with the nearby mausoleum of Chupan Ata (“Father Shepherd”), Khalid Nabi’s son-in-law, forms an important pilgrimage destination.

Archaeological Insights and the Unique Gravestones

The cemetery’s allure primarily stems from its over 600 standing stones, meticulously studied by archaeologist David Stronach in the late 1970s. These stones are dispersed across various locations, with nearly half situated on what Stronach termed the “High Plateau.”

Additional groups of stones adorn other ridges and hillocks, painting a solemn and intriguing picture against the backdrop of the rugged terrain.

Khalid Nabi Cemetery
Khalid Nabi Cemetery in Golestan Province

A Blend of Cultural Perception and Touristic Appeal

Khalid Nabi Cemetery has captured the imagination of visitors and scholars alike, often described as showcasing phallic architecture.

This interpretation has led to speculation about the presence of pre-Islamic fertility cults, though such claims are more reflective of popular myth than of substantiated historical fact.

The cylindrical stones with thickened tops are frequently seen as male symbols, while the rounded type 2 stones are thought to represent female graves. This intriguing dichotomy adds a layer of mystique to the cemetery, drawing tourists from across Iran and beyond.

Khalid Nabi Cemetery
Khalid Nabi Cemetery, Golestan (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Women visitors, in search of blessings for their welfare, are known to tie ribbons on trees near the tomb, merging ancient traditions with contemporary practices of pilgrimage.

Despite or perhaps because of its isolated location, the site has evolved into a significant tourist destination, offering both spiritual significance and a touch of amusement.

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Conservation and Heritage

Recognized for its unique cultural and historical value, Khalid Nabi Cemetery is now protected as a national heritage site by the Iranian government.

Gravestones at Khaled Nabi Cemetery
Gravestones at Khaled Nabi Cemetery

This designation ensures the preservation of its mystical charm and the continuation of its role as a site of pilgrimage and fascination.

Whether visited for its spiritual significance, its archaeological intrigue, or simply its scenic beauty, Khalid Nabi Cemetery remains one of Iran’s most captivating and mysterious sites.


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Travel Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: Spring and early summer are ideal, as the weather is pleasant and the landscape is in full bloom.
  • Getting There: Accessing Khalid Nabi Cemetery involves a journey through rural landscapes. The closest city is Gonbad-e Kavus, from which you can hire a local guide or join a tour to navigate the unpaved roads leading to the site.
  • What to Bring: Ensure you have sufficient water, sun protection, and sturdy shoes for the hike. Additionally, respect the site’s cultural significance by dressing modestly.
  • Accommodations: While there are no accommodations directly at the site, nearby towns offer guesthouses and small hotels for overnight stays.


Khalid Nabi Cemetery stands as a testament to Iran’s diverse cultural landscape. Beyond its historical and spiritual significance, the cemetery offers a moment of tranquility and a connection to the past that is increasingly rare in the modern world. Whether you’re a history buff, a spiritual seeker, or simply in search of unique destinations, Khalid Nabi Cemetery is a place that resonates with the hearts of all who visit.

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