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Mashhad Metro Guide: Map and Essential Information 2024

Efficient Transportation System of Mashhad City

Traveling to Mashhad and visiting Imam Reza’s shrine is an unforgettable experience that stays with you forever. For pilgrims journeying to this city, convenient transportation between their hotel and the sacred shrine is crucial. Thus, locals and many travelers frequently utilize public transportation, especially the metro. Continue reading as we explore Mashhad Metro and its stations. Don’t miss this blog if you are planning a pilgrimage to this city soon.

Mashhad Metro Overview

Mashhad Metro Lines, Vakilabad Station
Mashhad Metro Lines, Vakilabad Station

Based on available data, nearly six million people use Mashhad Metro daily. The metro map of Mashhad is an invaluable tool for visitors; it helps you locate your desired stations and reach your destination effortlessly.

The metro in Mashhad city was inaugurated in 2010. Residents, visitors, and pilgrims can use it to travel anywhere in Mashhad. This metro includes four lines, but so far, only two are operational.

Lines of Mashhad Metro

Mashhad Metro Stations

As previously mentioned, Mashhad Metro has four lines, but currently, only lines one and two are active. The other two lines, three and four, have not yet commenced operations.

Mashhad Metro Map

Explore Mashhad effortlessly with the Mashhad Metro Map, your essential guide to navigating this historic city.

Here, we introduce these lines along with the route of each:

Line One: Vakilabad to Shahid Hasheminejad Airport

Line 1 – Mashhad Metro

Line 1 of the Mashhad Metro comprises 24 stations, with trains arriving at each station at intervals of 5 to 6 minutes. This line is designated in green on the map.

Station NameLocation Description
VakilabadVakilabad Highway – Kouhestan Park
Kouhestan ParkEnd of Vakilabad – Intersection of Torghabeh – Shandiz
Namayeshgah (Exhibition)Intersection of Vakilabad – Exhibition
Iqbal (Eghbal) LahoriIntersection of Vakilabad – Iqbal Lahori
Sayad ShiraziIntersection of Vakilabad – Sayad Shirazi
SadafIntersection of Vakilabad – Sadaf
Haft TirIntersection of Vakilabad – Haft Tir
DaneshamuzIntersection of Vakilabad – Daneshamuz
Seyed RaziIntersection of Vakilabad – Seyed Razi
Mellat ParkIntersection of Vakilabad – Mellat Park
AzadiAzadi Square, Beginning of Malekabad Boulevard
KhayyamKhayyam Junction
Felestin (Palestine)Palestine Square
TaleghaniAhmadabad Street, Taleghani Intersection
GhaemBeginning of Ghaem Street
ShariatiDr. Shariati Square
Imam KhomeiniBahar Street, Lashkar Intersection
BasijBasij Square
Hefdeh ShahrivarHefdeh Shahrivar Intersection
Parvin EtsamiIntersection of Nokhresi, Parvin Etsami
GhadirBasij Boulevard, Beginning of Nokhresi Street
Bustan RayhaneProz Square, Beginning of Airport Entry
Shahid Hashminejad AirportShahid Hashminejad Airport
  • Route: This line spans from Vakilabad to Shahid Hasheminejad Airport. Marked in green on the map, it includes 24 kilometers and 24 stations throughout the city of Mashhad.
  • Capacity: This line can accommodate approximately 170,000 passengers daily.
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 6 AM to 10 PM, except on public holidays. Trains run every 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Key Stations: Vakilabad, Koohsangi Park, Exhibition, Mellat Park, Azadi, Palestine, Taleghani, Parvin Etesami, Bustan Reihaneh, Hasheminejad Airport.

Travelers and tourists wishing to visit attractions like Shandiz, the zoo, amusement parks, Koohsangi Park, Torghabeh, and the exhibition center should use this metro line. Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad can also reach their university via this line.

Entrance of Basij Metro Station in Mashhad
Entrance of Basij Metro Station in Mashhad (photo by Wikipedia)

Line Two: End of Tabarsi to Reza Town

Line 2 – Mashhad Metro

Line 2 of the Mashhad Metro consists of 13 stations, starting from the end of Tabarsi and extending to Rezashahr. This line is marked in blue on the map. Trains arrive at each station every 10 minutes. The operational hours for this line are from 6 AM to 10 PM, which extends from 7 AM on public holidays.

Station NameLocation Description
TabarsiEnd of North Tabarsi
VelayatNorth Tabarsi between Streets 14 and 16
FajrFajr Square
NabovatTabarsi Street, Gas Intersection
Shahid MoftahTabarsi Street, Electricity Intersection
Rahahan (Railways)Railways Square
ShahadaShahada Square
SaadiSaadi Square
ShariatiDr. Shariati Square
AlandashtKuhsangi Street, above Mollasadra Boulevard
KuhsangiEnd of Kuhsangi, Kuhsangi Park
Shahid KavehShahid Kaveh Square
Shahid Javan (Salamt)Shahid Javan Square, University of Medical Sciences
  • Route: This line runs from the end of Tabarsi Street to Reza Town, marked in blue on the map and stretches over 14.5 kilometers with 13 stations.
  • Phases: The first phase includes 6 stations, from Tabarsi to Shohada Square, and started operation in 2016. The second phase, consisting of 7 stations, was launched in 2019.
  • Operating Hours: Similar to the first line, this metro operates daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. The interval between trains is about 10 minutes.
  • Stations: Tabarsi, Velayat, Fajr, Nobovat, Shahid Moftah, Railway, Shohada, Saadi, Shariati, Alendisht, Kooh Sangi, Shahid Kaveh, Salamat.


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Line Three: From Ghasemabad to Shahrak-e-Abuzar (Currently under construction)

  • Status: Construction of the third line began in 2015 but has not yet started operations. When completed, it will connect the southeast to the northwest of Mashhad, marked in red on the map. This line will have 24 stations and the capacity to transport 20,000 people per hour.
Saadi Metro Station of Mashhad City
Saadi Metro Station of Mashhad City (photo by Wikipedia)

Line Four: Khaje Rabi to Shahrak Shahid Bahonar (Currently under construction)

  • Status: The newest line, construction began in 2021 and will cover 17.5 kilometers with 6 stations. Line four is noteworthy because two of its stations are near the Imam Reza shrine. It is marked in orange on the map.

A Peaceful Pilgrimage Experience

Mashhad Metro Line Between Mellat Park and Kowsar Stations
Mashhad Metro Line Between Mellat Park and Kowsar Stations (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Staying stuck in traffic and long routes are major challenges in big cities like Mashhad. Pilgrims prefer to quickly move from their hotels to Imam Reza’s shrine. The Mashhad Metro addresses this issue effectively. This blog has provided useful information about the city’s metro system to ensure you worry less about commuting during your visit.

Staying in Mashhad

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