Tehran Railway Station

Tehran Station: Iran's Travel Hub

Tehran Railway Station is not just one of the most significant transportation facilities in the country; its building is also considered a tourist attraction in Tehran.

Thus, you can choose it as an ideal tourist destination, in addition to traveling and buying train tickets from this station.

If you want to get acquainted with its history and architecture or if you’re going to obtain accurate information regarding the facilities, access methods, and address of the station, we suggest you follow this article on the SURFIRAN.

History of Tehran Railway Station

Tehran Railway Station
Tehran Railway Station

The Tehran Railway Station building was constructed in 1927 during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi. In 2000, it was listed as a national heritage site, and its name was registered in the list of national monuments of our country.

The area of Tehran Railway Station is approximately 174 hectares, bordered by Shoush Street, the former slaughterhouse (Bahman), Be’sat Highway, and Rey Street (Shahid Rajaei).

Train Ticket

Tehran Railway Lines

The Tehran railway lines stretch from the north to the south of the country and are recognized as the national railway of Iran, which currently includes the following lines:

  • Tehran – Mashhad railway line
  • Tehran – Tabriz railway line
  • Tehran – Isfahan railway line
  • Tehran – Bandar Abbas railway line
  • Tehran – Rasht railway line

One of the most important destinations chosen by travelers is the city of Mashhad, which is why the lines leading to these routes are very busy.

Tehran Railway Station

Facilities at the Station

Tehran Railway Station is a destination for many people every day, so much so that it is said that nearly 13,000 people come to this station during the day and go to different places from there. Therefore, good facilities must be considered for it. The most important facilities are as follows:

Tehran Railway Station
  • Store
  • Prayer room
  • Parking
  • Information booth
  • Public telephone
  • Restrooms
  • Ticket booths for all transportation companies
  • Internet
  • ATM
  • Mini-market
  • Food stalls
  • Hotel reservation booth

Information and Address of Tehran Railway Station

Tehran Railway Station
Map of Iranian Railways
  • Address: Tehran, Valiasr Street, south side of Railway Square, Tehran Railway Station
  • Passenger voice system: 021-5149
  • Contact number: +9821-5512111
  • SMS: 3000300
  • Official website of the railway station:

Access to Tehran Railway Station

There are various ways to access Tehran Railway, and you can choose one of these methods based on your location:

  • Railway Station Metro Station: The Railway Station Metro is located on Line 3 of the metro. Through the Theatre City, Valiasr Square, and Shahid Beheshti stations, you can connect from Lines 4, 6, and 1 to Line 3 of the metro.
  • Access via bus: One of the most important lines leading to Tehran Railway Station is the north-to-south BRT bus line, starting from Tajrish Square in the north of the city and, after a long distance, reaching the south of the city and the final station, Tehran Railway.
  • Access using a personal car, taxi, and online services like Snapp and Tapsi is also possible, but using a personal vehicle is not recommended due to the crowded streets leading to it, in addition to the increase in traffic levels and the need to pay for parking.

Vehicle Transport

Tehran Railway Station

In addition to passenger wagons, the railway company provides double-decker car transport wagons that can be attached to passenger trains. After purchasing a car transport ticket, you can send your vehicle to your desired destination. For vehicle delivery, you must hand over your vehicle a few hours before the time stated on the ticket. If the train departs in the early hours of the morning, you need to deliver the car the day before the departure.

Tehran Airport Transfer

Vehicle Delivery Location at Tehran Railway Station

For vehicle delivery, you must visit the freight warehouse of Tehran Railway Station. This warehouse is located in the Javadiyeh neighborhood, Vahdat-e-Islami Street, Shoush Street, near Tehran Railway Station.

Distance from Terminals and Airport to Tehran Railway Station

Important locations around Tehran Railway Station include the West and South Terminals and Imam Khomeini Airport. Below, we provide the precise distance and addresses to these places from Tehran Railway Station.

  • Railway to West Terminal: 11 kilometers
  • Railway to South Terminal: 5 kilometers
  • Railway to Imam Khomeini Airport: 45 kilometers


Tehran Hotels

Hotels Near Tehran Railway Station

Several hotels are situated around the railway station. The names and addresses of some of these hotels are listed below:

Persia Hotel Tehran 2

This three-star hotel has 65 accommodation units. Persia Hotel is located 500 meters from the railway station, at the beginning of Valiasr Street, before Mokhtari intersection.

Herandi Hotel Tehran

Herandi Hotel, situated 3 kilometers from the railway station, has 35 rooms and is located on Herandi Street.

Akhavan Hotel Tehran

  • This hotel is located on North Khiyam Street, opposite City Park, opposite Sur Esrafil, and is a one-star hotel with 43 rooms.

Guesthouses Near Tehran Railway Station

The closest guesthouses around the station, along with their addresses, are listed below:

  • Shahed Guesthouse Tehran: The address of this guesthouse is on Valiasr Street, after the Mokhtari intersection. It has 19 rooms.
  • Mahtab Guesthouse Tehran: This guesthouse is located towards Valiasr Street from Qazvin Square and has 24 rooms.


Tehran Railway Station stands not just as a pivotal transportation gateway, but as a piece of Iran’s rich history and architectural splendor. With its strategic location and comprehensive facilities, it caters to thousands daily, offering ease and accessibility for travelers. The station’s connectivity through various rail lines highlights its role in Iran’s national railway network, linking major cities across the country. Furthermore, its proximity to key terminals and Imam Khomeini Airport extends its reach, making it a central node in Tehran’s transport infrastructure. Whether for travel or tourism, Tehran Railway Station remains a testament to Iran’s progress and heritage, inviting exploration and appreciation.

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