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Rasht Train Station: Everything You Need to Know

Experience Hassle-Free Travel at Rasht Train Station

Rasht is a beautiful and popular tourist destination known for its forests, proximity to the Caspian Sea, and pleasant, cool weather. There are several ways to reach this charming city, with trains being a favored choice due to their comfort, high safety, the ability to carry more luggage, and private compartments. In this article, we will explore Rasht Train Station, its facilities, access routes, schedules, and the benefits of traveling by train. Join SURFIRAN as we delve into the details.

Where is Rasht Train Station Located?

The construction of Rasht Train Station dates back to the early years of the Islamic Revolution, but it was completed and operational in 2018. This station also serves as a connection point between Iran and Europe.

Address: Falakdeh Village – Rasht Train Station

Getting to Rasht Train Station by Public Transport

If you plan to reach the train station using public transportation, you can take one of the buses on route 5. Get off at the Shahid-e-Jangal station, from where it’s a 6-minute drive or a 46-minute walk to the train station.


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Getting to Rasht Train Station by Car

Driving from Rasht to the train station covers an 11-kilometer distance, taking about 20 minutes. Follow these directions: head to Hafez Boulevard, then to Rudbari Boulevard. Continue on Shahid Beheshti Boulevard, followed by Shahid Fomani Boulevard for 14 minutes (6.3 km). After the third roundabout, take the exit, turn around, and enter Durbargardan Street to reach your destination.

Train Station in Rasht
Train Station in Rasht

Rasht Train Station Specifications and Information

The railway line from Qazvin to Rasht starts from Qazvin and stretches 164 kilometers to Rasht. Future expansion plans include three routes: Rasht – Bandar Caspian, Rasht – Bandar Astara, and Rasht – Bandar Anzali. This route is expected to connect to the Azerbaijani railway network in the near future.

Facilities at Rasht Train Station

Entrance of Rasht Train Station
Entrance of Rasht Train Station

The station offers various amenities to ensure passenger comfort:

  • Prayer Room
  • Children’s Room
  • Police Kiosk
  • Supermarket
  • Bank ATMs
  • Restrooms for men and women

Train Routes to and from Rasht

Qazvin to Rasht Route

Rasht-Qazvin Train
Rasht-Qazvin Train

The Qazvin – Rasht railway is a single track designed for passenger trains with speeds of 120 to 160 km/h for cargo trains. The route includes stops at Dasht-e-Jerd, Kouhin, Shirin Sou, Loushan, Manjil, Rostamabad, Emamzadeh Hashem, Rasht, and Pirbazar.

Tehran to Rasht Route

Tehran-Rasht Train
Tehran-Rasht Train

The train journey from Tehran to Rasht takes about 6 hours. Stations along this route include Karaj, Hashtgerd, Siah Cheshmeh Qazvin, Kouhin, Shirin Sou, Loushan, Manjil, Rostamabad, Emamzadeh Hashem, Rasht, Pirbazar, and a village in northwest Rasht.

Despite the shorter distance by car, booking a Tehran-Rasht train ticket provides greater safety and comfort, especially during holidays and peak tourist seasons when traffic can be heavy.

Trains on this route come in two types: bus and coupe trains, catering to different preferences and budgets. The train options include the Saba bus train and the 4-bed Sepehr coupe train.

Rasht to Mashhad Route

Rasht Train Station
Rasht Train Station

One of the popular long-distance routes from Rasht is to Mashhad, taking approximately 17 hours. This route is served by the 4-star Sepehr train with 4-bed compartments. Passengers enjoy amenities such as sleeping facilities, Iranian and Western restrooms, video systems, WiFi, power outlets, audio systems, air conditioning, internal communication, reading lights, wheelchairs, and snack packs.

This long journey takes passengers from the lush north through the desert to Mashhad, stopping at many stations including Rasht, Qazvin, Karaj, Shahrud, and Mashhad. Note that not all trains stop at every station.

Hotels Near Rasht Train Station


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For those looking to stay in a 5-star hotel in Rasht, we recommend the Grand Kadous Hotel. If you’re on a budget, Ghadir 2 Hotel, a 2-star establishment, is a suitable option. You can also consider the Sabouri Apartment Hotel and Behesht Hotel for your stay.


How do I reach Rasht Train Station using public transport?

To reach Rasht Train Station by public transport, take a bus on route 5 and get off at Shahid-e-Jangal station. From there, it’s a 6-minute drive or a 46-minute walk to the train station.

What is the contact number for Rasht Train Station, and where is it located?

Contact Number: 01332474904

Address: Falakdeh Village – Rasht Train Station

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