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Shiraz Train Station: Everything You Need to Know

Explore Shiraz's Iconic Train Station

Shiraz is a bustling city, constantly filled with tourists arriving from various places by train. Besides being a popular tourist destination, Shiraz is also a key center for agriculture and mineral industries, making the railway system vital for the region. The first railway station in Shiraz opened in June 2008 but became fully operational in October 2010 due to technical issues with the tracks. This article will introduce Shiraz Train Station and explore how to access it. Stay with us at SURFIRAN for more details.

Where is Shiraz Train Station Located?

Shiraz Train Station is situated at the entrance of the new city of Sadra, towards the Sepidan police checkpoint, adjacent to the former highway police station (Ardakan-Shiraz). Its geographical position allows easy access via various modes of transportation, including personal cars, taxis, and buses. Below are the access routes for each public transport option.

Address: Shiraz Train Station, near the entrance of Sadra City, towards Sepidan Police Checkpoint


Accessing Shiraz Train Station by Metro

Using the metro is one of the most convenient transportation methods. If you are in the Astaneh neighborhood near Shah Cheragh and want to reach Shiraz Train Station by metro, first go to Vakil Al-Raaya Metro Station and take Line 1. Disembark at Mirza-ye Shirazi Metro Station, head towards Behesht Bus Station, and take bus line 37 to Qasr Dasht Terminal – Gouyem Terminal. Then, walk the remaining distance to the train station.

Train Station of Shiraz
Train Station of Shiraz

Accessing Shiraz Train Station by Bus

To reach the train station by bus, first go to Nasir al-Mulk Bus Station. Take line 71 from Valiasr Terminal to Namazi Terminal. After 10 stops, disembark at Namazi Terminal and go to the Namazi Terminal Exit Bus Station. Take bus line 151 from Namazi Terminal Exit to Payam Noor University, and get off at Delavari Bus Station. Finally, walk the remaining distance to the station.

Tourists in Shiraz Train Station
Tourists in Shiraz Train Station

Accessing Shiraz Train Station by Car

If you are in the city center and want to reach Shiraz Train Station by car, head north on Haj Ostad Karim Street, continue to Lutf Ali Khan Zand Street, and turn towards Zeynabiyeh Boulevard. Continue on Karim Khan Zand Street, turn right onto Keshavarz Street, go through Shahidan Fakhri Square, and take the second exit to Shahid Movahed Street. Follow this street, turn onto Takhti Street, then Takhti 17, and continue on Pishro Street and Emdadgar Street. Continue on the Shohada-ye Emadgar bypass, then turn right onto Khabarnegar Street, and follow the route to Mirza-ye Shirazi Boulevard. Continue straight, pass Sanaye Square, and exit onto Dr. Hesabi Boulevard to reach your destination.

Train Station in Shiraz
Train Station in Shiraz

Facilities at Shiraz Train Station

Shiraz Train Station, being a modern and newly established station, provides various facilities to cater to the numerous passengers. These amenities include ATMs, public phone and internet booths, ticket offices from various rail companies, a hotel booking office, storage facilities, restrooms, a restaurant, and parking.

Information about Shiraz Train Station

Shiraz Train Station, classified as a terminal station, consists of 23 stations along its route, with 13 active and 10 inactive stations.

Active Stations: Shiraz, Marvdasht, Saadat Shahr, Eqlid, Abadeh, Sivand, Safashahr, Ghaderabad, Aminabad, Mahyar, Khan Khoreh, Shoorjestan, and Shahreza.

Inactive Stations: Pasargad, Marghab, Didegan, Shahidabad, Kharameh, Bid Bidak, Saghad, Izad Khvast, Voshareh, Asadabad, and more.

Cargo Stations: Shiraz, Marvdasht, Sivand, Saadat Shahr, Ghaderabad, Safashahr, Khan Khoreh, Eqlid, Abadeh, Aminabad, Shahreza, and Mahyar.

Railway Station of Shiraz
Railway Station of Shiraz

Train Routes from Shiraz Train Station

The high volume of travelers has established rail connections between Shiraz and most cities in Iran. Two of the busiest routes are Shiraz to Tehran and Shiraz to Mashhad.

Shiraz-Tehran Route

Tehran-Shiraz Train
Tehran-Shiraz Train

The Shiraz to Tehran railway is one of the busiest routes, spanning approximately 900 kilometers and taking about 14 hours and 40 minutes. With a ticket, you’ll pass through Rodasht, Saadat Shahr, Safashahr, Eqlid, Abadeh, Shahreza, Esfahan, Sistan-Baluchestan, Badrud, Kashan, and Mohammadieh stations.

Rail companies covering this route include Rail Tarabar Saba, Raja, and Noor al-Reza. Trains such as the 4-star Noor, 4-star Ghazal, and 4-star Talaieh operate on this route, offering amenities like audio and video systems, restaurants, snack packs, Iranian and Western restrooms, complete bedding, and more.

Shiraz-Mashhad Route

Shiraz-Mashhad Train
Shiraz-Mashhad Train

The Shiraz to Mashhad route is one of the longest, taking about 24 hours. The Raja Rail Company operates 4-star 4-bed Sarir trains on this route, offering amenities such as a restaurant, snack packs, library, Iranian and Western restrooms, bedding, audio and video systems, and air conditioning.

With a ticket from Shiraz to Mashhad, you can travel to cities like Fariman, Torbat Heydarieh, Bashrouyeh, Bajestan, Abbasabad, Ardakan, Sistan, Shahreza, Eqlid, Sivand, and Marvdasht.

Hotels Near Shiraz Train Station


Shiraz Hotels

Several hotels are near Shiraz Train Station, accessible by taxi from the station.

Hotel Elysee

A 4-star hotel located at Maali Abad, Kooye Pezeshkan, No. 20. It’s 12 km from the train station, taking about 18 minutes by car. The hotel opened in 2014 with 68 rooms over 7 floors.

Chamran Grand Hotel

A 5-star luxury hotel at Chamran Boulevard, 23 minutes from the train station. The hotel, opened in 2010, features 250 rooms over 30 floors.

Haft Derakht Accommodation Complex

Located at Sadra Road, after the railway bridge, Baharan Villa City, Mehrgan Boulevard, Mehrgan 13. It is 12 km from the train station, about a 16-minute drive. The complex has 25 rooms over 2 floors.


What is the address and contact number of Shiraz Train Station?

Address: Shiraz Train Station, beginning of Ayatollah Alavi Boulevard, Shiraz-Sepidan Highway

Phone Numbers:

  • +98 7136200321
  • +98 7136201815
  • +98 7136201270

What facilities does Shiraz Train Station provide?

The station offers ATMs, public phone and internet booths, ticket offices from various rail companies, hotel booking offices, storage facilities, restrooms, a restaurant, and parking.

With this comprehensive guide, you can easily navigate to and from Shiraz Train Station and make the most of its facilities for a pleasant travel experience.

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