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Mehrabad Airport Terminals: Complete Guide

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One common question among travelers who book flights departing from Mehrabad Airport is: “Which terminal should I go to?”

Mehrabad Airport has four terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 are for both arrivals and departures of domestic flights. Terminal 4 is specifically for departing passengers on domestic flights, and Terminal 6 is exclusively for arrivals of domestic flights.

This means if your flight is from Tehran to another city, depending on your airline, you will board your plane from either Terminal 1, 2, or 4. If you are arriving in Tehran from another city, you will disembark at either Terminal 1, 2, or 6, again depending on your airline.


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To find out which terminal to go to after purchasing a ticket from any domestic airline, refer to the list below.

Mehrabad Airport, Tehran
Mehrabad Airport, Tehran

Airline Terminals at Mehrabad Airport

AirlineArrival TerminalDeparture Terminal
Kish AirTerminal 1Terminal 1
ZagrosTerminal 1Terminal 1
VareshTerminal 1Terminal 1
ChabaharTerminal 1Terminal 1
ArvanTerminal 1Terminal 1
ATATerminal 2Terminal 2
Qeshm AirTerminal 2Terminal 2
MerajTerminal 2Terminal 2
KarunTerminal 2Terminal 2
Iran AirTerminal 2Terminal 2
Iran Air TourTerminal 2Terminal 2
AsemanTerminal 6Terminal 4
MahanTerminal 6Terminal 4
TabanTerminal 6Terminal 4
CaspianTerminal 6Terminal 4
AtrakTerminal 6Terminal 4
PouyaTerminal 6Terminal 4
SahaTerminal 6Terminal 4
SepehranTerminal 6Terminal 4
ParsTerminal 6Terminal 4
Fly PersiaTerminal 6Terminal 4
Yazd AirTerminal 6Terminal 4

Tips for Navigating Mehrabad Airport

  • Confirm Your Terminal: Always check your ticket or with your airline to confirm your terminal.
  • Arrive Early: To avoid any last-minute rush, arrive at the airport at least two hours before your domestic flight.
  • Transportation Options: Mehrabad Airport is well-connected by public transportation, including taxis and buses. Ensure you plan your journey to the airport in advance.

For more information about Mehrabad Airport and its facilities, visit Mehrabad Airport in Tehran: All You Need to Know at SURFIRAN.

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