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Shorabil Lake

Explore Ardabil's Natural Gem: Shourabil Lake

Shourabil Lake, located in Ardabil, ranks among the most stunning natural attractions in northwestern Iran. This lake, renowned for its recreational and welfare facilities, stands as one of the prime sights in Ardabil, drawing numerous tourists throughout the year.

If you’re planning a trip or visit to Shourabil Lake in Ardabil, stick with SURFIRAN. In this article, we aim to explore and introduce this incredibly beautiful and unique natural lake.

Shourabil Lake, spanning 180 hectares, is unique as the only natural lake within a city in Iran, older than Lake Urmia. The lake’s history traces back to the late Tertiary and early Quaternary geological periods, formed by natural rainfall and the rivers and springs within and around the lake.

Initially, the lake’s water was saline, and its mud was used for therapeutic purposes. However, in recent years, due to the injection of fresh water through various methods, its water has become fresh, losing its therapeutic properties.

Facilities at Shourabil Lake in Ardabil

Shorabil Lake
Shorabil Lake in Ardabil, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Shourabil Lake has transformed into a model tourism area. As such, the Ardabil municipality and relevant authorities have taken extensive measures to ensure the comfort of travelers and attract more tourists.

The area around this beautiful lake offers various walking and cycling paths, along with picturesque and well-equipped parks for enjoying pleasant moments.

Other facilities around Shourabil include parking, restaurants, coffee shops, exercise equipment, prayer rooms, sports halls, hotels, supermarkets, pergolas, restrooms, and more.

Watching the sunrise and sunset, as well as the attractive night lighting around the lake, are among the highlights that can create beautiful and memorable moments for tourists.


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Recreations at Shourabil Lake

Shorabil Lake
Recreations at Shourabil Lake, Ardabil

Beyond the good and suitable facilities surrounding the lake, various recreational activities have been considered for everyone, regardless of age or taste, to enjoy their time around Shourabil. The most important recreations at Shourabil Lake include:

Amusement Parks at Shourabil Lake

Shorabil Lake
Amusement Parks at Shourabil Lake

Two open-air and indoor amusement parks with various rides such as rangers, swings, slides, Frisbees, Ferris wheels, etc., serve as major recreational spots for the residents of Ardabil and their children.

Andak Boat

Shorabil Lake
Andak Boat, Shorabil Lake, Ardabil

Another recreational activity is the Andak boat. This two-story boat offers a small and exciting sea voyage for tourists from 10 AM to midnight in different sessions. Do not miss the pleasure of boarding this boat and enjoying the views of Mount Sabalan during the day and the lake’s nighttime illuminations during your visit to Ardabil and Shourabil Lake.

Zip Line

Shorabil Lake
Zip Line at Shourabil Lake

The zip line at Shourabil Lake is the first back-and-forth and the longest zip line in the country, being one of the main recreations of the lake. With this 920-meter zip line, you can experience a thrilling pleasure.

Water Sports

Shorabil Lake
Boats in Shourabil Lake

Key attractions at Shourabil Lake include water sports such as motorboat and pedal boat rides, and jet skiing. If you seek excitement and adrenaline, we recommend motorboats and jet skiing. However, if you prefer to spend calm moments on the lake, enjoying the scenery, pedal boats are the way to go.

Best Time to Visit Shourabil Lake

Given Ardabil’s mountainous terrain and cold climate in autumn and winter, the best time to visit this region and Shourabil Lake is during spring and summer. Early spring and late summer might still be a bit cold, requiring warm clothing.

During summer, when most parts of the country are experiencing heat, Ardabil enjoys a cool and pleasant climate, making it the best time to travel to this city and visit attractions like Shourabil Lake.

Accommodations Near Shourabil Lake


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Following Sarein, this lake is the second most visited complex in Ardabil province, hence suitable welfare facilities have been provided for tourists in this area. Travelers to Ardabil city can choose to stay near the lake at the three-star Shourabil Hotel, which offers good amenities and services.

Additionally, the Kowsar Tourist Complex, a three-star hotel with 46 villa suites, conference hall, restaurant, coffee shop, sports complex, and other amenities and services, could be a suitable accommodation option near the lake.

Other hotels such as Yakamoz, Darya, Mehdi, and Safi Hotel are also good options in Ardabil city, located close to the lake and providing a comfortable and memorable stay for tourists.

Sightseeing Places Near Shourabil

The Ardabil Wildlife Museum, Yedi Goz Bridge, Balighli Chay, Boulaghlar Leisure Park, and Sheikh Safi’s Tomb are among the most important places and attractions you can visit in Ardabil alongside Shourabil Lake.

Shorabil Lake
Visiting Shourabil Lake

Restaurants Near Shourabil Lake

Visitors to the lake can head to good restaurants with a variety of dishes, such as the Turkish restaurant Parparook, Kebabi Khaghan, Ana Pizza, the vegetarian Zafaraniyeh restaurant, and the Italian restaurant Amata, after enjoying their time around the lake.

Ardabil province and the city itself boast numerous tourist attractions and sightseeing spots, with Shourabil being one of the most important and popular after Sarein. If you plan to travel to Ardabil to enjoy the clean and pleasant air and its beautiful sights, be sure to include a visit to the beautiful Shourabil Lake in your summer travel plans.

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