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The Tastiest Souvenirs from Isfahan You Must Try!

Savoring the Taste of Persian Delights in Every Bite

Exploring the souvenirs of a city is often the best part of any trip, and Isfahan, the pulsating heart of Iran, is no exception. The souvenirs of Isfahan can be categorized into two main types: edible delights and handicrafts. While many are familiar with Isfahan’s traditional sweets like Gaz and Poolaki, there are numerous other delicious treats to consider as souvenirs. Join us as we journey to the land of the Zayandeh River and discover the delectable souvenirs it has to offer!

1. Gaz: The Signature Sweet of Isfahan

Isfahan's Gaz
Isfahan’s Gaz

Gaz is a delectable and renowned treat with a history dating back 450 years to the Safavid era. Traditionally made from the sap of the angebin plant, modern Gaz consists of rose water, sugar, egg whites, nuts, and pistachio slivers. Unique to Isfahan, Gaz comes in various forms, with the most common being bite-sized pieces. Another popular variety is Gaz-e-Ardi, which is coated in flour to extend its shelf life and reduce sweetness, earning it the playful nickname “troublesome Gaz” due to its messy nature.

2. Poolaki

Different Types of Poolaki
Different Types of Poolaki

Poolaki, another beloved sweet from Isfahan, is akin to thin, coin-sized candy available in multiple flavors such as saffron, lemon, pistachio, coconut, sesame, honey, cocoa, and mint. This treat is straightforward to make, contrasting with the more complex Gaz, and is particularly popular among locals.

3. Korki: A Sweet Temptation

Korki Sweets from Isfahan
Korki Sweets from Isfahan

Once you try Korki, you’re likely to fall in love with this soft, delectable sweet made from animal fat and a blend of flours. Available in vanilla, saffron, and chocolate flavors, Korki’s unique texture and taste make it a favorite among visitors and locals alike.

4. Bereshtook

Isfahan's Bereshtook Sweets
Isfahan’s Bereshtook Sweets

While Bereshtook is common across various Iranian cities, Isfahan’s version is particularly renowned for its distinct and delightful taste. Made from chickpea or wheat flour mixed with oil, sugar, cardamom, and powdered sugar, Isfahan’s Bereshtook stands out for its exquisite flavor and craftsmanship.

5. Sohan Asali

Sohan Asali
Sohan Asali

Often associated with Qom, Sohan Asali from Isfahan is a thin, delicious confection made predominantly from almonds and pistachios. Ingredients like honey, butter, sugar, rose water, and saffron not only contribute to its rich flavor but also make it a nourishing treat. Typically, Sohan Asali is sold in sheets that are custom-cut into desired sizes.

6. Khansar Honey

Khansar Honey
Khansar Honey

Khansar honey is not only one of the finest in Iran but also a highly sought-after souvenir from Isfahan. Varieties include yellow thistle, twilight, and bellflower honey, each known for its delightful taste and aroma.

7. Doogh and Gooshfil

Doogh and Gooshfil in Isfahan
Doogh and Gooshfil in Isfahan

Combining doogh (a savory yogurt drink) and Gooshfil (a sweet pastry) might seem unusual, but it’s a combination that many find surprisingly pleasant. The salty doogh offsets the sweetness of the Gooshfil, creating a unique flavor experience. For those looking to take these treats home, sealed 1.5-liter containers of doogh and boxed Gooshfil are available.


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Isfahan’s Handicrafts

Isfahan is not only famous for its edible souvenirs but also as a hub of Iranian handicrafts. Known globally, the city’s artisan products are popular souvenirs among tourists. Some of the notable handicrafts include:

Firoozeh-Koobi (Turquoise Inlay)

Firoozeh-Koobi Handicrafts from Isfahan
Firoozeh-Koobi Handicrafts from Isfahan

This craft involves setting small pieces of turquoise on dishes made of brass, copper, or silver, creating stunningly beautiful items primarily for decorative purposes.


Khatam-Kari Art from Isfahan
Khatam-Kari Art from Isfahan

Khatam-Kari, or marquetry, involves fitting small triangular wooden pieces into exquisite geometric patterns on wooden surfaces. This art form, which has been practiced since the Safavid era, often features designs of nature and uses various materials, including camel or horse bone and precious metals.

Experience the Wonders of Isfahan

If you’re planning a trip to Isfahan, known as “Half the World,” enrich your journey by exploring its amazing attractions and bringing home some of these incredible souvenirs. For convenient travel and accommodation arrangements in Isfahan, consider booking your flight and hotel through reliable travel platforms.

Enjoy your travels and don’t miss out on bringing a piece of Isfahan back home with you, whether it’s in the form of delightful sweets or exquisite handicrafts!

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