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Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan: A TripAdvisor Perspective

Piroozy Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on the famous Chaharbagh Avenue, in Isfahan, at a close distance from Naqshe Jahan Square and Chehel Sotoon Palace. Its location makes it particularly convenient to visit the city on foot or by taxi.

First named Dariush Hotel, Piroozy Hotel has 96 rooms and suites, equipped with all modern commodities, even including Jacuzzis in some of the suites. It also offers a restaurant and various services to its guests.

If you are considering staying at Piroozy Hotel during your trip to Isfahan, here’s an overview of what travelers have said about this hotel on TripAdvisor.

Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan: What Travelers Are Saying


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On TripAdvisor, while Piroozy Hotel only scores 3,5/5, recent reviewers were most of the time satisfied with their stay at this hotel. Travelers have in particular praised the great food served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, the friendliness of the staff, and the excellent location.

Tasty Food

Tasty Foods of Piroozy Hotel's Restaurant
Tasty Foods of Piroozy Hotel’s Restaurant

Most reviewers have praised the food served at breakfast and at the restaurant. Aliyeh Jarafi (Jun 2022) described having a “perfect breakfast”, to which Reza G (May 2022) added: “quality and varied breakfast”. Donya (Jan 2024) explained: “the restaurant’s self-service was one of the best self-services I have ever seen, both for lunch and breakfast.” An opinion shared by Frankie T (Sep 2019) who wrote that the hotel “offers an excellent buffet for dinner”.

Friendly Staff

Hotel Piroozy, Lobby
Hotel Piroozy, Lobby

Most of the reviews mention the kindness and friendliness of Piroozy Hotel’s staff. Ali A (Jun 2019) explained: “With regards to the hotel staff, being professional and detail-oriented are their main qualities accompanied by respect and kindness. The management teams are attentive and caring.” But the one who described it the best is Anna G (Nov 2022) who wrote: “Every person we met working in this hotel was kind and friendly. From the women working at the front desk who helped me with the internet, to the very kind man who met us in the breakfast room to chat and tell us about Isfahan, to the lovely woman making espresso each morning, everyone was friendly and helpful. We had a 94-year-old man in the tour group with us, and a staff member spent the day with us ‘driving’ Fred in a wheelchair around the city.  (…)  If the staff at the Piroozy are any indication, Isfahan is the friendliest place on earth.”

Excellent Location

Location of Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan
Location of Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan

One of the strong suits of Piroozi Hotel is its location, on the famous Chaharbagh Avenue in the heart of Isfahan’s city center, a short walking distance from the city’s most famous sightseeing. Dzeny (May 2023) described: “The hotel is in a good location, close to the city center, there are crosswalks on the left and right side where you can take a nice walk.” Aliyeh Jafari (Jun 2022) added that “you only need to walk 15 minutes to reach Imam Square, a beautiful attraction of Isfahan” and Ednin Krnic (May 2019) wrote that the hotel is “very close to all “must visit” In Isfahan”.

Convenient Hotel Environment

Piroozy Hotel's Rooms
Piroozy Hotel’s Rooms

Many reviewers have appreciated Piroozy Hotel for its general environment and services, in particular in regard to its reasonable prices. Reza G (May 2022) wrote: “The hotel restaurant has a very beautiful environment.” Avahita (May 2022) added that “the environment of lobby is cozy and full of some antiques” while Dzeny (May 2023) explained: “The hotel looks small from the outside, but once inside it is very spacious.” Another traveler, Rhuss K (Jul 2019) also explained that “there is an office for flight and car reservations with a helpful staff. Everything is at your hands.”

Reviews Summary of Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan

On TripAdvisor, Piroozy Hotel has a total of 196 reviews, with a score of 3.5/5, which makes it the 12th hotel in Isfahan. However, this score may not be completely representative of the hotel’s quality, as reviews are not often written: the first page of TripAdvisor indeed covers reviews from January 2024 to September 2019. Based on these reviews though, the hotel appears to offer a good value to travelers visiting Isfahan, thanks to its kind staff, friendly staff and great location.

Double Rooms of Piroozy Hotel
Double Rooms of Piroozy Hotel

Critical Reviews of Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan

There are a few negative reviews on TripAdvisor for Piroozy Hotel, even though they are few over the past years. Some travelers recalled issues with the air conditioning system, the WiFi, and the staffs. But it seems that the negative reviews were also due to the gap between the expectations of a 4-star hotel and the reality of Piroozy Hotel. Aessack (Nov 2023) for instance wrote in its negative review: “The hotel is marketed as 4 star but will pass as 2-star hotel in the West.”

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan

While it may not perfectly fit the standard of a 4-star hotel, Piroozy Hotel appears to be a convenient and comfortable hotel. Its great location, near Naqshe Jahan Square and many other sightseeing, makes it easy to visit Isfahan, while its friendly staff and tasty food add to the positive experience. Considering the reasonable prices, Piroozy Hotel seems to be a good choice for a hotel in Isfahan.

Piroozy Hotel, Restaurant
Piroozy Hotel, Restaurant

Piroozy Hotel Amenities

  • Free parking
  • Concierge
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Meeting rooms

Piroozy Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Ideally located in the city center of Isfahan, on the famous Chaharbagh Avenue, Piroozy Hotel is a short distance by taxi from the following mentioned attractions:

Rooms from 54€/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Isfahan


Isfahan Hotels

If you are rather looking for an affordable hotel in Isfahan, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Yas Traditional Hotel

Yas Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Yas Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Yas Traditional Hotel is a charming, traditional Persian house with typical architectural features such as a central yard, colorful windows, and wooden details. It’s conveniently located in the heart of Isfahan Bazaar, making it easy to visit Isfahan’s attractions on foot.

Rooms from 23€ /night

2. Sunrise Traditional Hotel

Sunrise Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Sunrise Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Sunrise Traditional Hotel is a popular budget-friendly hotel. It is located in one of Isfahan’s oldest neighborhoods near the Friday Mosque, in a renovated Qajar house. It features 12 rooms, a restaurant, and a tea house.

Rooms from 16€ /night

3. Atigh Traditional Hotel

Atigh Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Atigh Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Located in Isfahan’s old neighborhood, Atigh Traditional Hotel is an old Qajar house turned into a hotel, with two beautiful courtyards, 30 rooms, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. The hotel is appreciated for its decoration, which showcases traditional Iranian artwork.

Rooms from 16€ /night

4. Malek Hotel

Malek Hotel, Isfahan
Malek Hotel, Isfahan

Malek Hotel, located in Isfahan city center near the bazaar and Naqshe Jahan Square, blends modern amenities with traditional Persian architecture. The hotel offers simple yet comfortable rooms and all necessary conveniences.

Rooms from 16€ /night

5. Zohreh Hotel

Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan
Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan

Zohreh Hotel is a 3-star hotel that was built in 2006 and renovated in 2018. Located near Khaju Bridge, it offers 51 modern rooms across 7 floors, all equipped with modern amenities. Zohreh Hotel also offers a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Rooms from 23€ /night

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