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Top 10 Best Hotels in Kashan 2024

Top Hotels in Kashan for Every Traveler

Discover the best hotels in Kashan, where tradition meets modern comfort. Kashan offers a range of top-rated hotels, from luxurious accommodations to cozy traditional stays.

Our guide highlights well-appointed rooms, exceptional service, and prime locations near all major attractions. Experience the perfect blend of Persian hospitality and contemporary amenities, making your stay both comfortable and memorable.

Kashan, a vibrant destination year-round, is renowned for its rose water festival in May and the historic charm of its clay buildings, offering unique experiences each season.


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Ideal for both cultural enthusiasts and leisure travelers, our selection of hotels ensures that every stay in Kashan contributes to unforgettable travel memories. Here, explore the standout options in hospitality that make Kashan a must-visit for discerning travelers.

1. Saraye Ameriha (Ameriha House)

Saraye Ameriha, Kashan, Iran
Saraye Ameriha, Kashan, Iran

Saraye Ameriha (Ameriha House) stands as one of Kashan’s premier accommodations, located in the traditional texture of the city and dating back to the Zand dynasty. Thoroughly renovated, it now boasts modern amenities that meet global standards, making it one of the best hotels in Kashan.

Visitors to Ameriha House are immersed in a significant part of Kashan’s history. Highlights include the basement, king’s seat, mirror hall, seven-door room, entrance vestibule, summer and winter terraces, pool house, and two windcatchers.

  • Facilities: Art galleries of Malek-Ashoara and Sohrab Sepehri, Moqtadaei Conference Hall, Carpet Hall, spa, restaurant, heating and cooling systems, internet, accessible rooms.
  • Location: Ameriha House, Alavi Street, Bostan VII Alley, Kashan.
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2. Traditional Guesthouse Morshedi House

Traditional Guesthouse Morshedi House, Kashan
Traditional Guesthouse Morshedi House, Kashan

Morshedi House is recognized as one of Kashan’s most prestigious hotels, a distinction it shares with the likes of Ameriha House. With a 250-year legacy, this traditional house is among the finest hotels in Kashan. Recent renovations have preserved its historic charm while incorporating modern comforts. Morshedi’s rooms are adorned with antique handwoven carpets, which are among the house’s main attractions.

Visitors can enjoy specialized desert tours, local explorations, and massage services. A carpet workshop also operates on-site, weaving exquisite, multi-colored carpets that enhance the cultural experience.

  • Facilities include high-speed internet, a tea house, refreshment bar, parking, traditional pond, private green spaces, and a traditional treasury.
  • Additional Amenities: Beyond its traditionally equipped rooms with conventional bathrooms, Morshedi House also offers suites with private kitchens, making meal preparation convenient for guests.
  • Location: Morshedi House is situated in the heart of Kashan at Kamal-ol-Molk Square, Molla Habibollah Sharif Street, Bostani Alley.
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3. Adib House: A Premier Stay in Kashan

Adib House, Kashan, Iran
Adib House, Kashan, Iran

Adib House, the second phase of Morshedi House, is also esteemed as one of the top hotels in Kashan. Like its predecessor, Adib House boasts a 250-year-old heritage and underwent extensive renovations in 2015 to transform into a guesthouse.

The unique architecture, rare antiques used in the decor, and precious handwoven carpets make this house highly appealing.

The guesthouse is conveniently located 13 minutes from the railway station, 20 minutes from Soleymanieh Spring, 5 minutes by car from Abbasian Historical House, 19 minutes from Fin Garden, and only 4 minutes from Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse.

  • Facilities: The guesthouse offers a variety of amenities including a shop, café, free transfers to Morshedi Restaurant, high-speed internet, television, special breakfast service, tours of Kashan, room service, limited internet, landscaped green spaces, and porter services.
  • Location: Situated in the historical heart of Kashan, Adib House is located at Kamal-ol-Molk Square, Molla Habibollah Sharif Street, Bostani Alley.
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4. Mahinestan Rahab

Mahinestan Rahab, Kashan
Mahinestan Rahab, Kashan

Mahinestan Rahab, a traditional lodging in Kashan, stands as a relic of the Qajar era, now among the city’s most prestigious traditional accommodations.

The guesthouse is structured around three courtyards: inner, outer, and service areas. It was purchased and renovated by a lady named Mahin, after whom it is named.

The allure of Mahinestan Rahab lies in its blend of traditional living with fully modern facilities. The renovation began in 2010 and was completed in 2014, making it one of the most luxurious historical accommodations in Kashan, recognized by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

It is conveniently close to major historical sites such as Tabatabaei House, Borujerdi House, Fin Garden, and the historical market of Kashan.

  • Facilities: The guesthouse offers city tours, internet access, a safe deposit box, a restaurant, a coffee shop, parking, and laundry services, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.
  • Location: Located in the historical Darb Bagh neighborhood, Mahinestan Rahab is at Fazel Naraghi Street, Culture 31 Alley, Kashan.
  • See the Location on Google Maps

5. Amir Kashan House

Amir Kashan House
Amir Kashan House

Amir Kashan House is regarded as one of the finest hotels in Kashan, perfect for travelers seeking an authentic traditional living experience. This guesthouse features traditional korsi heating for the winter, maintaining the architectural integrity of a house from the bustling Qajar era, now over 150 years old.

Since its renovation in 2018, it has welcomed guests who are enthusiasts of desert landscapes and historical settings.

To preserve the traditional vibe, the management of Amir Kashan House has chosen not to equip the rooms with TVs or refrigerators, though a communal refrigerator is available for guest use.

The guesthouse comprises 8 rooms, with the lower floor rooms lacking en-suite bathrooms, enhancing the authentic feel of the stay.

  • Facilities: Guests at Amir Kashan House can enjoy a variety of amenities, including a safe deposit box, charging stations for electronic devices, a restaurant, laundry services, porter services, and guided tours of Kashan.
  • Location: This traditional guesthouse is situated in a prime area of Kashan at Fazel Naraghi Street, Culture Third, No. 5, ensuring easy access to the local sights and sounds of the city.
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6. Saray-e Malek

Saray-e Malek Kashan
Saray-e Malek Kashan

Saray-e Malek in Kashan is celebrated as one of the city’s finest accommodations, offering a truly authentic eco-tourism experience.

This 100-year-old structure, a relic from the Qajar era, is constructed from traditional mud-brick and adorned with stained glass windows that evoke a deep sense of nostalgia and charm. The guesthouse features eight uniquely named rooms: Teranj, Mehrab, Niloufar, Zanbagh, Ashrafi, Eslimi, Shah Abbas, and Kholvat-Sara, each equipped with private bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

  • Facilities: Saray-e Malek ensures a comfortable stay with amenities such as internet access, laundry services, ticket service, and an on-site restaurant, catering to all the needs of its guests.
  • Location: This traditional accommodation is situated in a prime area of Kashan at Shahid Rajai Street, Ayatollah Madani Avenue, Fakhr Avar Alley, conveniently located to allow easy exploration of Kashan’s rich cultural landscape.
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7. Negarestan Hotel Kashan

Negarestan Hotel, Kashan
Negarestan Hotel, Kashan

Negarestan Hotel stands out as one of the finest hotels in Kashan, offering a modern alternative to the traditional accommodations previously introduced.

This three-star hotel boasts 56 rooms equipped with relatively modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for travelers who prefer contemporary comforts over traditional settings. Operational since 2011, Negarestan Hotel provides a sophisticated yet comfortable environment for its guests.

  • Facilities: The hotel is well-equipped to enhance your stay, featuring a restaurant offering local and international cuisine, a fast food outlet, a Western-style restaurant, paid massage services, and open-air parking.
  • Location: Positioned strategically within Kashan, Negarestan Hotel offers easy access to the city’s historical and cultural attractions, providing a perfect base for exploring the area.
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8. Saray-e Darb Bagh Kashan

Saray-e Darb Bagh, Kashan
Saray-e Darb Bagh, Kashan

Saray-e Darb Bagh in Kashan is acclaimed as one of the finest traditional hotels in the city, seamlessly combining the historical charm of its Pahlavi-era origins with modern amenities.

Located on Fazel Naraghi Street near the city center and the historic fabric of Kashan, this nearly century-old house has been beautifully restored and repurposed into a traditional guesthouse with five unique rooms in 2016.

Staying at Saray-e Darb Bagh means waking up in a cozy room where the windows open to a serene courtyard, often referred to as “Garden Pit,” where guests can enjoy tranquil moments by the ornamental pond. The availability of internet access brings a modern touch to the traditional setting, offering guests the best of both worlds.

Additionally, the guesthouse features a rooftop café that provides sweeping views of the city and a refreshing breeze, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Its proximity to the city center allows easy access to Kashan’s major historical sites such as the Agha Bozorg Mosque, historical houses, and the traditional urban fabric, making it an excellent choice for those eager to explore the city’s rich heritage.

  • Location: Situated in an ideal spot in Kashan, Saray-e Darb Bagh is at the end of Culture 31 Alley, right off Fazel Naraghi Street.
  • See the Location on Google Maps

9. Ariana Traditional Hotel

Ariana Traditional Hotel, Kashan
Ariana Traditional Hotel, Kashan

Ariana Traditional Hotel in Kashan is one of the city’s premier hotels, housed in a historic mansion from the Qajar era.

Over the years, this building has seen many highs and lows, with parts of it deteriorating over time. Following a comprehensive restoration completed in 2016, the hotel reopened with 17 beautifully appointed rooms across two floors, reclaiming its former glory.

The structure of the hotel includes two courtyards, a basement, and two windcatchers, creating a stunningly beautiful environment among Kashan’s cityscape. The main courtyard is the most delightful part of Ariana Traditional Hotel, featuring fully-equipped rooms and a traditional pond, all while maintaining its original decorative and architectural style.

Additionally, the secondary courtyard boasts a sauna, spa, massage rooms, and a traditional bath, offering relaxation and wellness options to guests.

It is approximately a 10-minute walk to the Agha Bozorg Mosque and the traditional bazaar of Kashan, and less than 20 minutes from the historic houses of Tabatabaei and Borujerdi.

  • Location: Ariana Traditional Hotel is ideally situated within walking distance of significant historical and cultural sites in Kashan.
  • See the Location on Google Maps

10. Amirza Traditional Hotel

Amirza Traditional Hotel, Kashan
Amirza Traditional Hotel, Kashan

Amirza Traditional Hotel in Kashan offers an excellent and cost-effective option for those seeking to stay in a historical house during their visit to this ancient city.

Established in 2018, this hotel features a charming setting with a courtyard and a small water pond that evokes the atmosphere of old Persian houses. With its 130 years of history, the hotel provides 12 rooms equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning and internet, blending traditional space with contemporary comfort.

It is just about a 10-minute walk from significant landmarks such as the Agha Bozorg Mosque, the Tabatabaei House, the Abbasian House, the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and the Borujerdi House. Moreover, the hotel’s proximity to the main street—less than two minutes away—ensures easy access to other parts of the city.

For travelers interested in experiencing Kashan’s rich cultural heritage from a traditional yet comfortable base, Amirza Traditional Hotel is an ideal choice.

Offering rooms ranging from double to quintuple configurations at competitive prices, this hotel ensures that guests enjoy both the authenticity of a historic setting and the comforts of modern facilities.

  • Location: Perfectly nestled within the historic fabric of Kashan, Amirza Traditional Hotel is ideally situated for exploring the city on foot.
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11. Manouchehri House

Manouchehri House, Kashan
Manouchehri House, Kashan

Manouchehri House is a distinguished traditional hotel in Kashan, standing out with its 400-year heritage, making it not just a place to stay but a significant sightseeing destination in itself. This historical home, which has been carefully restored over three years and reopened in 2011, offers a unique accommodation experience among the hotels of Kashan.

Manouchehri House boasts eight rooms and retains a traditional water reservoir, which has been uniquely converted into a cinema room, blending historical charm with modern entertainment.

For those seeking an authentic stay in a historical setting that offers both luxury and a deep connection to Persian heritage, Manouchehri House is an ideal choice. Each room, facility, and view at Manouchehri House has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your visit, ensuring that your stay in Kashan is not just enjoyable but also deeply memorable.

  • Facilities: Manouchehri House provides a range of amenities designed to ensure a memorable stay. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s views of the courtyard, water pond, and gardens, which promise a serene retreat. Additional amenities include an Iranian restaurant, housekeeping services, internet access, a café, lush green spaces, and tour services, all ensuring guests experience both comfort and local culture.
  • Location: The location of Manouchehri House adds to its appeal, situated conveniently within walking distance to major attractions like the Fin Garden, Qamsar, the Agha Bozorg Mosque, and Kashan’s historical houses. This accessibility makes it easy for guests to explore the rich historical and cultural fabric of Kashan during their stay.
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In conclusion, Kashan’s hotels seamlessly blend historical elegance with modern luxuries, providing options perfect for every type of traveler. Whether you seek the sophistication of modern hotels or the authentic charm of traditional guesthouses, Kashan caters to your needs with unmatched hospitality.


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Book your stay in one of Kashan’s finest hotels and experience an ideal mix of comfort, culture, and convenience, making every trip memorable. Visit Kashan to discover why travelers consistently rate its accommodations as top choices for both short visits and extended stays.

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