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Discover the Enigmatic Tomb of Khajeh Rabie in Mashhad

Ancient Splendor of the Tomb of Khajeh Rabie in Mashhad

Mashhad, a city rich with cultural and spiritual heritage, is home to numerous attractions that draw visitors from all corners of the globe. Among these is the Tomb of Khajeh Rabie, a site that offers a serene and contemplative experience for those who seek a moment of peace and reflection amidst their travels.

The Legacy of Khajeh Rabie

Architecture of Khajeh Rabie Tomb in Mashhad
Architecture of Khajeh Rabie Tomb in Mashhad

Khajeh Rabie, also known as “Rabi’ ibn Khuthaym”, was a renowned mystic and a companion of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali. Notably present in the Battle of Siffin, his contributions to Islamic history and spirituality are commemorated at his tomb. Nestled within a lush and picturesque garden, the tomb spans 660 square meters, currently under the auspices of the Astan Quds Razavi.

How to Reach the Tomb of Khajeh Rabie

Accessibility to this spiritual site is straightforward, with several options at your disposal:

  • By Bus: To reach Khajeh Rabie’s tomb via bus, head towards the Qaem Expressway, which leads directly to the end of Khajeh Rabie Boulevard. Here, the turquoise dome of the tomb becomes visible, marking your destination.
  • By Metro or Taxi: Alternatively, the site is accessible by metro or taxi, offering a hassle-free journey. It’s worth noting that weekends (Thursday and Friday) tend to be busier.


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Admission to this historical and religious site is free of charge, and ample parking is available for those with personal vehicles. Typically, visitors spend around 2 to 3 hours exploring the site, located approximately 7 kilometers from the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza.

Address: Iran, Mashhad, Khajeh Rabie, Khajeh Rabie Boulevard, Mehr Mother Street, Tomb of Khajeh Rabie

The Secrets Within

Visiting Tomb of Khajeh Rabie in Mashhad
Visiting Tomb of Khajeh Rabie in Mashhad

The tomb houses several graves, each with its own story and mystery. Among them:

  • The Grave of Fathali Khan Qajar: Lying beneath a wooden enclosure, this site holds the remains of Fathali Khan, a prominent figure in the Qajar tribe and an ally of Shah Tahmasp Safavid. His death, amidst intense conflict, led to his burial here.
  • Notable Burials: The tomb is the final resting place for many distinguished individuals, including Hossein Amini, Sheikh Ahmad Kafi, and the renowned Belgian surgeon and physician Rush Boulon, among others.

Nearby Attractions

Inside Tomb of Khajeh Rabie
Inside Tomb of Khajeh Rabie

Surrounding the tomb are several attractions and dining options for visitors to enjoy post-visit:

  • Mashhad’s East Diamond Shopping Center
  • Champions Amusement Park
  • Aftab Coastal Park

Additionally, restaurants like Akbari, Azadi, Khajeh Rabie Fast Food, and Haji Khani offer delightful meals to replenish your energy after a day of exploration.

Final Thoughts

Mashhad’s Khajeh Rabie Tomb is a testament to the city’s rich historical and spiritual fabric. Including this tomb in your travel itinerary will not only offer you a chance to pay respects but also to immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A visit to this serene site promises to be a memorable part of your journey in Mashhad.

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