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Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan

Affordable Accommodations in Isfahan

Searching for budget hotels in Isfahan? Isfahan, celebrated as ‘half of the world’ for its beauty, offers a variety of affordable accommodations. Explore our top picks for cheap hotels in Isfahan, combining value and comfort for travelers.

Find the perfect economical stay in this captivating Iranian city.

1. Yas Traditional Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan
Yas Hotel in Isfahan

Yas Traditional Hotel is a pretty traditional house with all the elements of traditional Persian houses, such as the central yard, colored windows and wooden work. It is also well located, in the heart of Isfahan Bazaar, one of the most convenient spots to visit Isfahan’s sights on foot. On TripAdvisor, most travelers praise the splendid architecture of this old house and the warmness of the employees.

2. Sunrise (Toloo) Traditional Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan
Sunrise Traditional Hotel in Isfahan

Sunrise Traditional Hotel is located in one of Isfahan’s oldest neighborhood, north of the city center, near the Friday Mosque. It’s an ancient house dating from the Qajar Era and renovated in 2011 to become a hotel with 12 rooms, a restaurant and a tea house. Sunrise Traditional Hotel is one of the most popular budget-friendly hotels in Isfahan, and on TripAdvisor, travelers also emphasis on the kindness of the staff and the beauty of the place.

3. Atigh Traditional Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan
Atigh Traditional Hotel in Isfahan

Atigh Traditional Hotel or Atiq Hotel is another traditional Qajar house turned into a hotel, which is located next to Sunrise Traditional Hotel in Isfahan’s old neighborhood. This traditional hotel has two beautiful courtyards, 30 rooms, a coffee shop and a restaurant. The decoration of the hotel, in the common areas as well as the rooms, showcase traditional Iranian artwork such as painting, woodwork and plasterwork. Based on TripAdvisor reviews, Atigh Traditional Hotel seems to be a good option for travelers on budget but looking for a nice hotel.

4. Malek Hotel, Isfahan

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan
Malek Hotel in Isfahan

Malek Hotel, Isfahan is a modern hotel with a traditional Persian architecture, located in Isfahan city center, at close proximity with the bazaar and Naqshe Jahan Square. As a modern hotel, Malek Hotel has all types of commodities with simple but comfortable rooms. The reviews on TripAdvisor suggest that it has a good value for the price, even if it doesn’t have the charm of traditional hotels.

5. Zohreh Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan
Zohreh Hotel in Isfahan

Zohreh Hotel is a 3-star hotel, located near Khaju Bridge in downtown Isfahan. This modern hotel, built in 2006 and renovated in 2018, has 51 rooms over 7 floors, all equipped with modern facilities such as television, minibar, etc. It also has a restaurant and a coffee shop. On TripAdvisor, most travelers were satisfied with their stay, praising, in particular, the beauty of the lobby and the food.

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Whether you are looking for a traditional hotel in an ancient house or you would rather stay in a modern comfortable hotel, Isfahan has many options to offer in terms of accommodations. Book your stay in one of Isfahan’s best cheap hotels and enjoy your stay in one of Iran’s most beautiful cities!

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