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Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman

A Cultural Journey to Wonders of Zoroastrian Heritage

Kerman’s Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Ethnography Museum stand as distinctive attractions. The museum is recognized as the world’s only Zoroastrian Ethnography Museum, housed within Kerman’s Zoroastrian Fire Temple complex. It holds various sections with artifacts collected by the museum’s founders.

Historical Context of the Fire Temple and Museum

Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman
Kerman Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Kerman was built in 1303 Solar Hijri (Persian calendar), embedding deep historical and cultural significance. The museum comprises different sections, each representing various aspects of Zoroastrian customs and traditions. Artifacts, gathered by the museum’s founders, have been moved to a hall behind the fire temple.

The Museum’s Diverse Collections

Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman
The Sacred Fire in Fire Temple of Kerman (behind the glass)

The museum’s exhibits, contributed by Zoroastrian families, include household items, lighting and cooking utensils, showing similarities with Muslim counterparts. Among its oldest items are a 200-year-old handwritten Gathas book and a handheld fire container dated 1207. The museum also showcases women’s clothing from the Zoroastrian and Achaemenid periods, including embroidered pants, shirts, coats, and traditional headgear.

Architectural Beauty and Serenity

Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman
Architecture of Fire Temple in Kerman (photo by Wikipedia)

The Kerman Zoroastrian Fire Temple, an elegant brick structure, sits beside a tranquil garden, enhancing the temple’s peaceful ambiance. Expertly restored by Kerman’s architectural specialists, the temple has gained even more beauty through its renovation. Adjacent to the fire temple, the Zoroastrian Ethnography Museum, founded and dedicated by Mahin Dokht Siavoshian, enriches this cultural site.

Inside the Museum

Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman
Inside Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Ethnography Museum in Kerman

The museum’s artifacts are displayed over two floors. The first floor is devoted to cooking equipment, inscriptions, specific Zoroastrian garments, and ancient books. The second floor focuses on old photographs. A staircase area connects these floors, displaying household and agricultural tools.


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