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Alangdareh Park: A Forested Gem in Northern Iran

Where Tranquility and Adventure Await

Nestled within the lush forests of Northern Iran, near Gorgan in Golestan Province, Alangdareh Park stands as a premier destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Recognized as one of the seven exemplary tourism areas of the country, this park spans 185 hectares of vibrant forest land, making it one of the most famous forests in the north of Iran.

Located merely five kilometers southwest of Gorgan, Alangdareh Park offers a refreshing retreat with temperatures around 10 degrees cooler than in the city. Its dense greenery is home to an array of activities such as walking, cycling, picnicking, and family gatherings. With amenities like health trails, bicycle stations, electric vehicles, playgrounds, and sports fields, the park caters to visitors of all ages looking for leisure and adventure amidst nature.


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A Glimpse into Alangdareh’s Richness

The park is a sanctuary of serenity and biodiversity, boasting a cooler climate compared to the urban buzz of Gorgan. Streams, waterfalls, and springs meander through the forest, with the Molaashi River flowing from south to north, enriching the area’s lushness. Nearby, three springs add to the natural allure of the landscape. The vegetation in Alangdareh comprises various species such as hornbeam, maple, elm, oak, and more, creating a rich tapestry of plant life that blankets the forest floor.

Alangdareh Park
Alangdareh Park in Gorgan

Historical and Recreational Haven

Not just a natural paradise, the northern part of Alangdareh Park also houses a historical site dating back to the Islamic era, which was registered as a national heritage in February 2005. This aspect adds a cultural dimension to the park, blending history with nature’s timeless beauty.

Alangdareh’s Eco-friendly Initiatives

Alangdareh Park
Visiting Alangdareh Park in Gorgan

To preserve its pristine environment and ensure the well-being of its visitors, the park restricts vehicle access on even-numbered days, allowing for undisturbed enjoyment of its natural beauty from 6 AM to 6 PM. This initiative guarantees a peaceful and pollution-free experience for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts exploring the six-kilometer-long health road extending to Alangdareh’s end.

Discovering Alangdareh

Alangdareh Park
Discovering Alangdareh Park, Gorgan, Iran

For those keen on cycling, Alangdareh Park features a dedicated bicycle station, providing a thrilling opportunity to navigate through one of Iran’s best cycling trails surrounded by towering trees and fresh air. The best time to visit Alangdareh is arguably autumn when the park dons a kaleidoscopic cloak of fall colors, offering a breathtaking sight unlike any other.

Accommodations Near Alangdareh


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After a day of forest adventures, visitors can choose to stay in Gorgan, where numerous accommodation options are available. For a more immersive experience, camping within the designated areas of the forest allows for a night under the stars, surrounded by the serene sounds of nature.

Alangdareh Park is more than just a destination; it’s a celebration of nature’s beauty, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and a connection to the tranquil rhythms of the forest. Whether for a day trip or a longer stay, Alangdareh promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature.

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