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Asiab-kharabeh (Jolfa Water Mill)

Asiab Kharabeh waterfall is one of the sights of East Azarbaijan province. This waterfall is known by this name because of its proximity to old water mills.

History of Asiab-kharabeh

Asiyab Kharabeh, which translates to “ruin mill,” was once a bustling water mill that served the local community. Over time, most of it has fallen into disrepair, earning its evocative name. The mill stands at an impressive 10 meters in height, with a lower area spanning 200 square meters.


This region, once an obscure spot, has transformed into a tourist hotspot. It’s located in the Jolfa County of East Azerbaijan, just a few kilometers from the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Travelers are drawn to the picturesque waterfalls and the lush greenery that surrounds them.

Natural Features

Asiab-kharabeh (Jolfa Water Mill)
Beautiful Waterfall of Asiab-kharabeh, Iran

Asiab-kharabeh boasts a collection of both small and large waterfalls cascading gracefully down the mountain. The water that fuels these falls originates from multiple springs high in the Kiamki Mountains, found in Daran village. The waterfall walls are adorned with moss and aquatic plants, creating a stunning tapestry of nature. Adjacent to one of these springs, you’ll find beautiful fig trees, adding to the charming allure of the scenery.

Visiting Asiab-kharabeh

Asiab-kharabeh (Jolfa Water Mill)
Visiting Asiab-kharabeh, East Azerbaijan, Iran

The main waterfall at Asiab-kharabeh stands at an impressive 15 meters in height. The water flows from a spring located in the Kiamki Mountains, a tall mountain range in the western part of Arasbaran and Marand County. After its descent, the water joins a stream that flows northward, providing a delightful backdrop of small and large waterfalls. The sound of their cascading waters is nothing short of a natural tempest of beauty.

In winter 1392 (Iranian calendar), the waterfall froze due to frigid temperatures. The weight of the accumulated ice caused a large rock, covered in lush moss, to fall. Caution signs are now visible in the vicinity, reminding visitors to be aware of this potential danger while enjoying their visit.

Getting to Asiab-kharabeh

Asiab-kharabeh (Jolfa Water Mill)
Asiab-kharabeh Nature

To reach Asiab-kharabeh, take the Mardan-Jolfa Road to Hadi Shahr (also known as Almadr Gargar). At the Hadi Shahr crossroads, turn right. After passing a dirt road near the Iran-Azerbaijan border, you’ll arrive at a valley where Asiab-kharabeh is situated.

Park your vehicle and take a leisurely walk to reach the waterfall. Some parts of the trail are paved with stones and steps, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

Best Time to Visit

Asiab-kharabeh (Jolfa Water Mill)
Waterfall of Asiab-kharabeh (photo by Geocaching)

Asiab-kharabeh is at its most delightful during the summer months when the weather is pleasant and cool. Spring and summer are ideal for those seeking a serene escape into nature. However, the waterfall’s true charm shines during autumn when the surrounding landscape becomes a kaleidoscope of colors. For a truly magical experience, brave the winter cold to witness the frozen wonderland of Asiab-kharabeh.

Facilities at Asiab-kharabeh

Visitors to Asiab-kharabeh can enjoy a range of amenities, including charming gazebos, parking facilities, a supermarket, and a restaurant.

Final Words

Asiab-kharabeh, with its rich history and natural allure, stands as a hidden gem in East Azerbaijan, Iran. Immerse yourself in its captivating beauty and uncover the charm of this enchanting destination.

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