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Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas

Explore Bandar Abbas: Where Coastal Magic Awaits

Bandar Abbas stands as Iran’s most significant and largest port city, strategically positioned near the Strait of Hormuz and serving as the capital of Hormozgan Province. The coastline of Bandar Abbas, stretching along the Strait of Hormuz, boasts a diverse array of tourist attractions. Join us as we explore the coastal gems of Bandar Abbas.


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Bandar Abbas Dolet Park or Nakhl-e Nakhoda Beach

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Nakhl-e Nakhoda Beach, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Dolet Park, also known as Nakhl-e Nakhoda Beach, ranks among the most popular beaches in Bandar Abbas. It draws a large number of locals and visitors each year for sightseeing or camping. The beach is equipped with basic amenities for camping and spending an afternoon. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the beach or bike along a designated path. The area also features cafes and restaurants offering services, as well as nearby amenities like a karting track, a ski track, a children’s playground, and a beach soccer field.

Ghadir Boulevard and Park

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Ghadir Coastal Park, Bandar Abbas

The city’s coastline is complemented by boulevards running alongside it. In the eastern part of Bandar Abbas’s coast, Ghadir Boulevard stretches along the beach, with Ghadir Park located within this area. The beach offers recreational services such as boat rides, camel riding, horseback riding, and kite surfing. Ghadir Park is well-regarded by tourists for its clean restrooms, location, and amenities. Remember to conclude your visit by sunset, as the area lacks sufficient lighting at night, making it very dark.

The Pearl Fisherman Statue

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Pearl Fisherman Statue, Bandar Abbas

At the westernmost point of Ghadir Boulevard, opposite the Hormozgan Governorate, a breakwater extends into the sea. Near this breakwater’s closest point stands the Pearl Fisherman Statue, commemorating the ancient and local pearl fishing industry.

Bandar Abbas Fish Market and Pier

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Bandar Abbas Fish Market

The Fish Market Pier, located near the Shahid Haqani terminal, is where traditional fishing boats dock. At Bandar Abbas Fish Market, fishermen offer their freshest catch for sale. Visitors can find a variety of fish, shellfish, shrimp, crabs, and other seafood. Although the strong fish smell might be overwhelming for some, local women are available to fry fresh fish with local spices for you. Next to the Fish Market, there’s a small beach park named Kish Park, offering seaside views.

Suru Beach Park

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Suru Beach Park, Bandar Abbas

The Suru neighborhood, the westernmost part of Bandar Abbas up to Bandar Shahid Bahonar, hosts Suru Beach Park and a recreational complex. The complex, known as Suru, includes a beach specifically designated for women. This modern complex offers sports and recreational services for women, including a pool and waterfront area.

Coastal Recreations in Bandar Abbas

Swimming in the Sea

If you enjoy swimming in warm waters, visit Bandar Abbas’s beach during spring and summer. The beach is clean and watching the sands is enjoyable. The southern sun, especially in Bandar Abbas, is intense. For a relaxing day, sunbathing is recommended. A special area for women is available near Suru Beach.


For those interested in water sports and excitement, Bandar Abbas’s beach is the place to be. Numerous boats, including motorboats with high speeds, are available near the beach. Renting a boat offers an exhilarating experience as it moves up and down the sea’s waves. Boat rentals are widely available along the coastline. If unfamiliar with boating or the area, it’s wise to seek guidance from local guides at the pier.

Coastal Attractions of Bandar Abbas
Visiting Bandar Abbas Coastal Line


Fishing is one of the most attractive recreational activities in coastal areas. Special areas along the beach and pier are designated for fishing. Ensure you fish during permitted seasons and in designated areas.


Numerous clubs along the beaches of Bandar Abbas offer diving lessons. Some of these facilities provide tourists with the opportunity to spend time underwater and experience diving. Diving is a popular and exciting water activity in Bandar Abbas.

Island Hopping by Ship

For adventurers, a ship journey from Bandar Abbas to the islands of Qeshm and Kish is highly enjoyable. Visit piers selling tickets to transport numerous passengers to these islands. The trip to the surrounding islands by ship is delightful.


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Bandar Abbas Seaside Restaurants

Strolling along the beautiful beaches of Bandar Abbas, you won’t have to worry about hunger or finding food. Bandar Seafood Restaurant, Bargah Hospitality Complex, Starfish Restaurant, and Gandom Restaurant are among the notable restaurants near the beach in Bandar Abbas.

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