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Iran’s Darak Beach – Where the Sea Meets the Desert

Darak Beach: The most exciting spot of Iran

Darak, located in the south of Iran, is a unique beach where the sea meets the desert.

The beauties of Iran are countless. Imagine, for instance, standing in the middle of a desert, seeing nothing but golden dunes and palm trees, and out of the sudden, hearing the sound of waves which breaks the magical silence of the desert. What a unique experience it would be!

Darak Beach
Darak Beach.

Darak beach is one of most strange, yet amazing spots of Iran and even the world, where the sea and the desert meet. This exceptional paradox has created such a beauty that, in spite of being discovered and known just recently, has been visited by many travelers and tourists.

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Darak is the only coast in Iran which is located next to the desert and there are only a few spots in the world sharing similar characteristics to this beach, which have mostly located in Africa, South Australia, and West Asia. So, don’t miss the chance to see this magical attraction while you are discovering Iran, the land of amazement!

Darak, Where The Sea Meets The Desert

Darak is the name of a village in Zarabad county of Konarak city, located in Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan province. In the local language, Darak means living by the sea and considering the interaction of the sea and the desert in this place, no wonder people call this coast Darak! Here, the turquoise waters of Oman sea and the Indian ocean unite and along with the wilderness of the desert located just next to the coast, they create an unbelievable, picturesque landscape.


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For a nature lover, standing between the sand dunes and seeing the ocean simultaneously, would be, undoubtedly, a wonderful and unforgettable image. The sunrise and sunset on this beach are also amazing and the colorful scene which creates during these moments doubles the beauty of this unique spot. The Mokran shores extended along the Oman sea are like a paradise, hidden between the sands and palm trees.

Darak, Where The Sea Meets The Desert
The colorful sunset on Darak Beach.

Due to the fact that visiting Darak beach can be considered as a trip off the beaten track, it is an intact and unspoiled zone until now and thus, a great destination for those who are looking for an authentic destination. Darak is among the cleanest beaches of Iran and is still unknown among most people and even locals. Since almost no tourist development has been realized in this area and there are not any official hotels or hostels near Darak, it would be recommended to camp near the beach or ask locals if you intend to spend the night at Darak coast.

Darak, Where The Sea Meets The Desert

There are plenty of activities you can do here. Swimming and relaxing on the beach would be the most obvious options! Photographing, cycling in the coastline or even off-roading are among the other choices you may have.

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However, note that Sistan and Baluchistan is one of the hottest provinces of Iran and the best seasons to visit Darak beach would be in spring or winter when you can enjoy a mild climate. In fact, Darak is not a green place and the reason why palm trees have grown in such a dry and hot desert is due to their location nestling near the sea.

Darak Beach

To reach there, you should take a flight or drive to the city of Chabahar and continue your way 135km more to get to the Zarabad county. The village is in fact between Chabahar and Bandarabbas, two important port cities in the south of Iran.

Darak, Where The Sea Meets The Desert

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