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Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman

Rich Collection of Artifacts and Stunning Gardens

Herandi Museum Garden in Kerman is one of the prominent cultural and historical sites in the city. It takes visitors on a journey through Iran’s history, showcasing valuable ancient artifacts from various historical periods. Here, you can not only enjoy capturing the architectural beauty of the garden and museum through photography but also get up close to significant cultural relics. This experience provides an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Kerman and Iran.

Let’s delve deeper into the Herandi House with SURFIRAN.

Location of Herandi House

Herandi House is situated in Kerman, on Beheshti Street. For public transport access, the nearest bus stop is at Tahmasbabad Station on Beheshti Street.


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History of Herandi House

Constructed outside the Kerman walls in 1290 AH/1252 SH by Mohammad Reza Khan Adl-al-Sultan, a military official in Kerman, the central building’s design was sent from France by Morteza Gholi Esfandiari, Adl-al-Sultan’s son. The architecture combines Western and Iranian styles.

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Herandi Garden, Kerman, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Sections of Herandi House

Central Building

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Architecture of Herandi Museum in Kerman

This two-story structure, covering 2000 square meters, displays a mix of Iranian and non-Iranian architectural elements. It features a dome with shallow depth and traditional old brick flooring, now covered with ceramics. A polygonal skylight on the roof center provides natural light.

Auxiliary Sections

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Entrance of Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman

Originally, the garden had servant quarters, a bathhouse, a kitchen, and stables. Today, no trace of the stables or storerooms remains, and the kitchen serves as an administrative building.


A highlight of the Herandi Garden Museum is the Gavgard, used historically to draw water from the well to the surface. It’s located near the pool at the garden’s end.

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Main Building of Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman

Green Space

In the past, the garden hosted fruit trees like fig, mulberry, apple, grape, barberry, and pear. Today, pomegranate trees remain, alongside decorative roses.

Museums in Herandi House

Archaeology Museum

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Archaeology Museum of Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman

The Archaeology Museum aims to introduce ancient civilizations of Southeast Iran and their connections with neighboring cultures. It consists of pre-Islamic and Islamic era sections, displaying:

Shahdad Museum

Showcases artifacts from Shahdad archaeological site, including pottery and metal objects dating back to the 3rd and 4th millennia BCE.

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Old Car in Herandi Museum, Kerman

Jiroft (Prehistoric) Section

Features delicate grey pottery with beautiful designs from the late 3rd and early 2nd millennia BCE.

Jiroft (Historical) Section

Displays artifacts from Selucid to Ashkanid periods, including pottery and metal objects.

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Visiting Herandi Museum, Kerman

Islamic Section

Houses glazed pottery, metal, and glass objects, and stone inscriptions from various Islamic centuries.

A notable piece, a capital from Persepolis, was temporarily hosted here before being returned to Persepolis in 2006.

Traditional Instruments Museum

Herandi Garden Museum in Kerman
Traditional Instruments Museum in Herandi Garden Museum, Kerman

This museum, with 32 showcases, protects over 250 unique traditional instruments, including creations by Master Hossein Masoud. Instruments like qeychak, santur, kanun, rebab, and others are displayed, alongside beautiful calligraphy paintings and old photographs related to Iranian music.

Explore the historical Herandi House in Kerman and immerse yourself in Iran’s rich cultural heritage with SURFIRAN.

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