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Kish Aquarium: All You Need to Know Before You Go

Kish Aquarium: A Portal to the Colorful Underwater World

Discover the Kish Aquarium, a mesmerizing gateway to the vibrant underwater realm of the Persian Gulf.

Situated on the scenic Kish Island, this expansive aquarium offers a unique, tranquil experience to observe colorful marine life, including exotic fish and sharks, without the need for diving.

Perfect for families and marine enthusiasts, the Kish Aquarium presents a captivating dive into biodiversity and conservation.

Kish Aquarium
Kish Aquarium

Whether you’re exploring the larger tanks with majestic sea creatures or the smaller, colorful habitats, it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of the sea’s beauty. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the aquatic wonders of Kish.

Before introducing Kish Aquarium, let’s acknowledge that the sea is one of Earth’s most fascinating phenomena, a gift to any land.

Beyond its surface beauty and visual appeal, the underwater world is remarkably captivating. Here, you will encounter new colors and delight in the variety of fish, plants, and other colorful marine life.

The Persian Gulf waters are a rich treasure trove of vibrant fish, offering a unique perspective on existence, seldom seen in the above-water world.

Kish Aquarium

On Kish Island, you have the chance to dive into these waters and marvel at the aquatic life up close.

However, if diving challenges are not your preference and you wish to enjoy the colorful fish of the Persian Gulf in complete tranquility, Kish Aquarium is our recommendation for you.

This expansive aquarium serves as a gateway to the vast marine world of the south sea, inviting you on an underwater adventure without the diving challenges. Its popularity is such that it is often featured in travel guides to Kish.

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Where is Kish Aquarium Located?

Traveling to the Persian Gulf and its numerous islands, you will encounter various natural, historical, and leisure attractions, experiencing golden moments. Kish Island stands as a strong tourism hub in Hormozgan province and the Persian Gulf, hosting many visitors with its historical, natural, and recreational attractions. Among the island’s most beautiful and appealing sites is the aquarium, ideally situated on its southeastern shore, close to Dolphin Park and Simorgh Beach Park. The Marjan Beach of Kish is also near, approximately 4 kilometers north of the aquarium. The aquarium is located about 12 kilometers southeast of Kish International Airport.

Address: Hormozgan Province, Kish Island, Ferdowsi Street, next to Ahu Park, Art Center Building
Operating Hours: Saturday to Thursday, from 8 AM to 8 PM

Let’s Explore the Aquarium

Kish Island Aquarium Iran
Kish Island Aquarium, Iran

Kish Island Aquarium, one of the island’s most beautiful attractions and leisure spots, houses various sharks and fish species. Maintaining the diversity of the Persian Gulf, it presents a vast panorama of this large sea to visitors. On Kish Island, you have the opportunity to dive into the Gulf waters and observe its marine life up close. But diving isn’t the only way to see the aquatic species of the Persian Gulf. Kish Aquarium offers a precious chance for those apprehensive about diving challenges or unable to dive.

With the colorful and gleaming Kish Aquarium, viewers can easily enjoy the sight of various colorful fish and sharks of the southern sea, separated only by glass. This facility, akin to Kish Amusement Park, is notably extensive, including rare and beautiful Gulf fish species. It features two aquariums with volumes of 50,000 liters and 20,000 liters, the larger dedicated to sharks, fish, and large marine life, and the smaller showcasing rare and colorful fish.

Visiting Kish Aquarium
Visiting Kish Aquarium

The smaller aquarium boasts 70 fish species, plus 100 types of reptiles, including the boa constrictor, flying snake from Thailand, iguana lizard, black African scorpion, etc. Additionally, visitors can see a giant turtle measuring 2 meters in length. The Kish Aquarium complex is not solely for fish; it also includes a section for taxidermied animals, offering a view of crocodiles, snakes, various mammals, birds, and more.

Attractions Near Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium
Kish Aquarium

Dolphin Park Kish is among the attractions close to the island’s aquarium, located approximately 1 kilometer west. The Kish Bird Garden is situated within the Dolphin Park complex, another nearby attraction. Simorgh Beach Park is also in proximity, about 2 kilometers from the aquarium. Ahu Park, one of Kish’s most picturesque sites, is very close to the aquarium, located on Ferdowsi Street. Other nearby attractions include Hangam Park, the Twins, and the Waterfall.

Shopping Centers Near Kish Aquarium

Fishes in Kish Aquarium
Fishes in Kish Aquarium

In the vicinity of the aquarium, besides Kish’s attractions, there are numerous shopping centers where you can enjoy a delightful shopping experience on the island after exploring the vibrant underwater world. The Pardis and Morvarid shopping centers, located approximately 6 kilometers northwest of the aquarium, and the Diplomat shopping center nearby, are among them. Sarina 1 Shopping Center is also situated about 4.4 kilometers north of the aquarium, with its second branch about 6 kilometers northwest of the complex.

Kish Aquarium Ships: Another Way to Witness the Underwater World

Inside Kish Aquarium Ships
Inside Kish Aquarium Ships

On Kish Island, various options are available for exploring the underwater world. You can don diving gear and dive into the waters with professional divers, visit the aquarium, or embark on aquarium ships.

The Kish Aquarium ship offers an experience even more exciting than the aquarium itself. Instead of bringing aquatic life to the surface for observation, you board a ship to explore their world.

Like the Greek Ship of Kish, the aquarium ship is among the island’s thrilling attractions, taking you into the midst of fish and other marine life.

The ship features glass windows and floors, allowing you to see various colorful fish, large and small turtles, starfish, plants, and other marine life around and beneath you as you navigate the underwater world.

This ship ventures up to 2.5 meters deep into the sea, enhancing the underwater viewing experience with live music and hospitality. Tourist, Simorgh, Star, and Parrotia are among Kish’s recreational ships for exploring the underwater world of the Persian Gulf.

Final Words

The Persian Gulf is a geographical blessing for southern Iran, and the attractions in this region are treasures of the tourism industry. The islands in the southern waters are undoubtedly unique natural phenomena, and adventures there should not be missed.

In addition to historical, natural, and recreational attractions above water, the beautiful tourist island of Kish invites you to explore its underwater attractions.

Diving, the island aquarium, and aquarium ships are among the leisure facilities on the island for adventuring in the Persian Gulf world.

Visit the beautiful island of Kish in winter or early spring to observe the colorful fish of the Persian Gulf, Kish’s native home, the Kish leisure pier, and more up close.

Remember, even if your Kish tour does not include the Kish Aquarium in its recreational program, make time to visit the island on your own.

Regardless of which Kish hotel you stay in, you can easily reach the aquarium by taxi.

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