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The Greek Ship of Kish

A Fascinating Journey into its Abandoned Legacy

The Greek Ship on Kish Island stands as a silent witness to the relentless passage of time, a testament to the idea that nothing lasts forever. Throughout history, numerous ships and planes have been celebrated for their grandeur, only to be halted by unforeseen events, leaving behind stories and names etched in memory. Among these tales, the Greek Ship of Kish unfolds as an intriguing chapter, inviting us to explore its enigmatic presence on the shores of one of Iran’s most beautiful islands.


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The Legend and the Reality

The Greek Ship, known to many under various guises, harbors tales that blur the lines between fact and fiction. Unlike the universally mourned Titanic, which sank after hitting an iceberg, the Greek Ship’s grounding is shrouded in mystery, with numerous accounts attempting to unravel the truth behind its fate.

Where Does the Greek Ship Reside?

Greek Ship, Kish Island
Greek Ship, Kish Island

As a significant tourist attraction, the Greek Ship graces the coastline near Baghoo Village, having run aground on the 4th of August, 1966. Built by the William Hamilton Company in Glasgow in 1943 and changing hands among various English and Iranian owners, its last proprietor was Greek, cementing its identity in history and tourism.

The Ship’s Tale

The Greek ship in Kish island
The Greek ship in Kish island

Originally weighing 7,061 tons and stretching over 136 meters, the ship went through several name changes—from the Empire Trumpet, Naturalist, Persian Cyrus, Hamadan, and finally Kola Ap. The circumstances of its stranding remain a topic of speculation and folklore, with stories ranging from romantic tragedies to deliberate conspiracies for insurance fraud. However, the most plausible explanation might be the simplest: poor visibility and the absence of navigational aids led to its accidental stranding.

Attractions and Activities Around the Greek Ship

Abandoned ship in Persian gulf, Kish Island
Abandoned ship in Persian gulf, Kish Island

In recent years, the area surrounding the Greek Ship has evolved into a bustling hub of leisure and tourism. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular sunset from the ship’s deck or take advantage of nearby amenities such as the coastal park, cafes, amphitheaters, and various dining options. Although the ship’s interior is no longer accessible due to deterioration, the site remains a popular destination for its romantic ambiance and photographic allure.

Why Visit the Greek Ship?

Visiting The Greek Ship of Kish Island
Visiting The Greek Ship of Kish Island

The Greek Ship offers a captivating blend of nostalgia and natural beauty, making it a must-visit landmark on Kish Island. Its story, though silent, resonates with the voices of the past, inviting contemplation and admiration. The surrounding area, enriched with recreational facilities and the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset, provides a perfect backdrop for unforgettable memories.

Nearby Hotels


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For those looking to stay close to this historic site, options range from the luxurious Toranj Hotel, offering stunning sea views, to other quality accommodations such as Ghambron Kish Hotel, Sadaf Kish Hotel, and Lotus Kish Hotel. Each hotel ensures a comfortable and convenient base for exploring the island’s attractions, including the mesmerizing Greek Ship.


The Greek Ship of Kish remains a poignant symbol of beauty frozen in time, its story interwoven with the fabric of the island’s history and allure. Whether drawn by the mystery of its past or the sheer beauty of its setting, a visit to the Greek Ship is a journey into the heart of Kish Island’s enchanting narrative, offering a moment of reflection amidst the waves of change.

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