Negarestan Garden Museum in Tehran

Negarestan: A Historic Beacon in the Heart of Tehran

The Negarestan Garden Museum, steeped in historical significance, stands as a proud testament to Tehran‘s rich cultural heritage. Originally the summer residence of the esteemed Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, this majestic site has transcended its royal beginnings to become a beacon for those seeking a deeper understanding of Iran’s storied past.

Today, it not only serves as a magnet for history aficionados but also captivates tourists from around the world with its unique blend of architectural beauty and historical resonance.

As visitors walk through its halls and gardens, they are transported back in time, offering a rare glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Persian royalty and a chance to explore the intricate tapestry of Iran’s Qajar era. The museum’s evolution from a royal retreat to a cherished public landmark highlights its enduring significance in the cultural landscape of Tehran.

Negarestan Garden Museum’s Location

You can find Negarestan Garden Museum in northern Baharestan Square. It stretches from Safi-Ali Shah Street to Shemiran Gate. Although its original size was a vast 43,200 square meters, it now covers 11,469 square meters.

Fath-Ali Shah Qajar’s Summer Retreat

Founded in 1222 AH, the Negarestan Garden Museum offered a serene retreat for Fath-Ali Shah Qajar. Renowned for its “Place of Paintings,” the museum showcases works from artists like Mirza Jafar and Abdollah Khan.

Negarestan Garden Museum In Tehran

Showcasing Kolah-Farangi Architecture

The museum exhibits the Kolah-Farangi architectural style. Visitors can admire the Delgosha and Qalamdan buildings, and learn about significant historical events, including the coronation of Mohammad Shah Qajar.

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A Peek into the Qajar Era

The museum, with its 64 rooms and 4 halls, displays an impressive collection of mirror works and gold patterns. Its library is another highlight, featuring 4 halls.

Negarestan Garden has served various roles throughout history, including a royal residence, ministry, school, and even as a base for the Dehkhoda Dictionary Institute. After a period of neglect, it was renovated in 1392 AH and is now managed by Tehran University.

Ideal Visiting Times

Negarestan Garden Museum In Tehran

Spring, particularly May, is the perfect time to visit. The blossoming flowers and pleasant weather create a stunning atmosphere. Autumn’s colorful foliage also offers spectacular photo opportunities.

Exploring More at Negarestan Garden Museum

The museum complex includes collections and sculptures from notable figures such as Malekolshoara Bahar and Mahmoud Rouholamini. It also features Iran’s first museum hall named after a female artist, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian.

Negarestan Garden Museum In Tehran

Visitor Information

  • How to get there: Take metro line two to Baharestan Station.
  • Hours: Museums: 9 AM – 6 PM; Garden and café: 9 AM – 10 PM; Restaurant: 12 PM – 5 PM.
  • Closed on Mondays: Garden, café, and restaurant remain open.

Contact Details

  • Garden Museum: +98 33119586
  • Café Rouhi: +98 33900138
  • Restaurant Negarestan: +98 33945460

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