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Discover the Top Trains from Tehran to Mashhad

Premium Train Options From Tehran to Mashhad

Traveling by train offers a unique experience that only those who embark on such journeys truly appreciate. Whether you’re journeying with family or friends, the route from Tehran to Mashhad presents a scenic delight that makes the travel time fly by.

SURFIRAN, in association with OrientTrips, brings you the best train options for this route, ensuring a memorable and comfortable journey.

Raja Zendegi Train

Inside Raja Zendegi Train
Inside Raja Zendegi Train

Raja Zendegi Train stands out as one of the most luxurious five-star trains on the Tehran to Mashhad route. This train offers exceptional facilities ranging from entertainment and hygiene to top-notch catering services. It features a 100-seat restaurant, a call system for attendants from each compartment, multimedia audio and video systems, and a cafe car where travelers can order various snacks. The sleeper services are also first-rate, making it one of the pricier options but worth every penny for the luxury provided.

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Meal options on Raja Zendegi Train are diverse, including dinner, special dinner, and snacks, ensuring passengers have a pleasant culinary experience throughout their journey.

Pardis Train

Pardis Train, Tehran-Mashhad Railway
Pardis Train, Tehran-Mashhad Railway

If speed is what you seek, look no further than Pardis Train. This high-speed train offers a non-compartment, airplane-style seating arrangement, which reduces the travel time significantly. Unlike regular trains that take about 11 to 12 hours, Pardis can get you to Mashhad in just eight hours. Facilities are not compromised despite the absence of compartments; passengers are offered snacks and a main meal, and every few meters, a monitor is installed for entertainment.

Fadak Train

Fadak Train Seats
Fadak Train Seats

Fadak Train, introduced in 2014 and built in Germany, is among the most advanced five-star trains operating in Iran. Each compartment is equipped with dual 15-inch displays, adjustable temperature controls, luxurious design, cutting-edge soundproofing, and WiFi internet. A special catering service featuring Austrian and Iranian chefs ensures high-quality dining experiences. The sanitary facilities are available in both Iranian and Western styles.


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Tickets for Fadak Train are available in four classes, ranging from standard amenities in the regular class to more comprehensive services in the business class, which includes superior sleeping arrangements and snack services.

Noor Al-Reza Train

Noor Al-Reza Train
Noor Al-Reza Train

Noor Al-Reza Train, another five-star service under the Raja company umbrella, offers both standard and economy class tickets with basic refreshments, while first-class and business class tickets include extensive catering, special sleeping facilities, and main meals. The onboard amenities are uniformly excellent across all ticket classes, featuring LCD screens, headphones, sleeping gear, adjustable air conditioning, general lighting, and reading lamps.

Ghadir Train

Inside Ghadir Trains
Inside Ghadir Trains

Operated by Saba Rail, Ghadir Train provides facilities comparable to those of Noor Al-Reza. Though it is rated four stars, its amenities — including special interior decor, sanitary facilities, snack catering, and audio-visual systems — ensure a comfortable journey. Notably, Ghadir also features baby-changing tables and touch-sensitive automatic doors between coaches.

Booking Your Journey

For those who prefer the convenience of online bookings, OrientTrips offers a reliable and user-friendly platform to purchase tickets. You can easily compare times, dates, and prices for the best trains from Tehran to Mashhad at OrientTrips. This ensures that choosing the best train is a hassle-free process, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your travel experience.


As the digital age continues to evolve, the shift from traditional ticket booths to online bookings marks a significant change in how travelers secure their journeys. With reliable services like OrientTrips, accessing top-tier train options has never been easier. Explore the vast, scenic landscapes between Tehran and Mashhad by train — a journey that promises comfort, speed, and a touch of luxury, all available through SURFIRAN.

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