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Water Waves Land in Mashhad: An Exciting Water Adventure

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Water Waves Land is one of Mashhad’s premier water parks. Featuring modern facilities and a thrilling atmosphere, it promises a memorable day for visitors. This attraction in Mashhad operates in two separate parks for women and men. If you’re looking to have fun after a day of pilgrimage and shopping, don’t miss out on Water Waves Land. Join SURFIRAN to explore this amazing park and its unique offerings.


Women’s Park: Imam Ali Highway, Andisheh Blvd, at the corner of Andisheh 79
Men’s Park: Imam Ali Highway, Andisheh Blvd, at the corner of Andisheh 81
On-Site Ticket Price: 2,300,000 IRR (2023)
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: 051-36008
Instagram: wwlpark
Time Limit: None

Water Waves Land Park, Mashhad
Water Waves Land Park, Mashhad

Where is Mashhad’s Water Waves Land?

Water Waves Land is located in the eastern suburbs of Mashhad, within the Ghasem Abad area. To reach this park by car, navigate through Shahid Cheraghi Highway, Vakil Abad Highway, and Azadi Highway to Imam Ali Highway, then proceed to Andisheh Blvd. The park’s entrances for women and men are at the corners of Andisheh 79 and Andisheh 81.

Map Address for Mashhad’s Water Waves Land

For easier navigation, use Google Maps to find your way.

How to Reach Water Waves Land by Metro

To access Water Waves Land via metro, get to the closest station, Park Mellat Station, at the beginning of Emamat Blvd. After getting off the metro, take bus lines 1031 or 17 to reach Water Waves Land.

How to Reach Water Waves Land from Imam Reza Shrine

The distance from the shrine to Water Waves Land is about 16 kilometers, which takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on traffic. From the shrine, you can take the Mashhad metro to Park Mellat Station and then transfer to the Qasem Abad buses to the park. Alternatively, BRT buses from the shrine station (Shirazi) will take you to Andisheh 83, but this route is longer.

Nearest Metro Station to Imam Reza Shrine

The closest metro station is Basij Station. You can also take taxis directly from the shrine to Water Waves Land. On your return, consider using internet taxis or the taxis stationed outside Water Waves Land.

Purchasing Tickets for Water Waves Land Mashhad

You can buy tickets for Water Waves Land in person at the park, from newspaper stands, some hotels, and stores. The official website offers discounts, reducing the ticket price to 2,100,000 IRR in spring 2023.

Water Waves Land, Mashhad
Water Waves Land, Mashhad

Contact Information for Water Waves Land Mashhad

If you have any questions or issues, contact the park using the following details:

Operating Hours for Water Waves Land Mashhad

Operating hours may change on different days. For accurate information, call the park:

  • Women’s Hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Men’s Hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Ramadan Hours: Daily from 6:00 PM to 2:30 AM

Rules and Conditions for Entry to Water Waves Land Mashhad

Facilities of Water Waves Land in Mashhad
Facilities of Water Waves Land in Mashhad

Water Waves Land enforces several rules for the safety and enjoyment of visitors. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Photography and videography are prohibited. Store cameras and phones in the designated lockers.
  • Individuals with skin conditions or inflammations cannot enter. Consult a doctor if you have a specific condition.
  • Secure valuables and jewelry in the lockers. Women can purchase leather bracelets for valuable wristbands.
  • Women must avoid using cosmetics like foundation before entering.
  • Bringing food and drinks is not allowed; purchase these inside the park.
  • Swimming caps are mandatory for those with long hair.
  • People with heart conditions should avoid high-thrill rides.
  • Individuals under 15 require an ID card and written parental consent to enter.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, so purchase carefully.
  • Children under 4 and boys over 1 meter cannot enter women’s areas, and vice versa.
  • Boys under 1 meter can use the children’s section in the women’s park.

Major Change at Water Waves Land Mashhad (2023)

Water Waves Land has switched the halls for men and women. This change allows women to enjoy new slides previously in the men’s section and vice versa. The variety of slides and games in both parks is extensive, and this change has been well-received. Operating hours, prices, and rules remain unchanged.

Thrilling Slides at Water Waves Land Mashhad

Mashhad's Water Waves Land Park
Mashhad’s Water Waves Land Park
  • Tornado: A 130-meter slide similar to the loop slide.
  • Jet Wave: A high-speed slide ending in a water pool.
  • Space Bowl: Popular slide with a high-speed drop into a bowl.
  • Wave Slide: One of the longest slides, with waves from four directions.
  • Super Loop: Another high-speed, 120-meter slide.
  • Slow Slide: Covered, with many twists and turns.
  • Speed Slide: Short but fast, available in covered and open versions.
  • Free Fall Slide: Experience free fall when the platform beneath you drops.
  • Twister Slide: A winding slide ending in a pool.
  • Topsy Turvy Slide: A funnel-shaped slide leading into an 11-meter tunnel.

Pools at Water Waves Land Mashhad

Unlike other water parks, Water Waves Land features a variety of pools. The wave pool is the most famous, simulating the sea with varying depths. Other pools include several sizes, steam and dry saunas, a cold pool, a large swimming pool, and a jacuzzi.

Facilities at Water Waves Land Mashhad

The park offers top-notch amenities, including heated floors and strict hygiene standards. The park is like a large water city with separate facilities for women and men, allowing families to enjoy together in safety.

Visiting Water Waves Land Park in Mashhad
Visiting Water Waves Land Park in Mashhad

Iran’s Largest Traditional Bath at Water Waves Land Mashhad

Both parks feature a traditional bath (Turkish bath) with beautiful architecture, where visitors can receive massage services from professional staff. The bath has heated floors, offering a modern twist on old-style baths.

Children’s Play Park and Aqua Play Nursery

Children over 4 can enjoy Aqua Play, supervised by lifeguards. This area is safe, colorful, and filled with fun water activities for kids.

Children's Play Park in Mashhad's Water Waves Land
Children’s Play Park in Mashhad’s Water Waves Land

Café and Restaurant at Water Waves Land Mashhad

Use the park’s tokens to enjoy the café and restaurant. The menu includes fast food and various hot and cold drinks. Enjoy pizza, burgers, coffee, and more.

Water Waves Land Mashhad Store

If you lack swimming gear, don’t worry. The park has a store selling swimwear, caps, and more. The store is well-stocked, including items for children and plus sizes.

Best Time to Visit Water Waves Land Mashhad


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To enjoy Water Waves Land without long queues, visit during warmer seasons like spring and summer. During these times, the park is busier, especially during holidays. For a quieter experience, visit in winter or autumn, or choose weekdays over weekends.

Benefits of Membership at Water Waves Land Mashhad

Join the park’s membership club for special discounts, points, lottery participation, VIP locker access, and more. For more information and registration, visit the park’s website (listed at the beginning).

Distance to Important Locations

  • Nearest Hospital (Razavi Hospital): 11 minutes by car
  • West City Gas Station: 3 minutes by car, 16 minutes walking
  • Shahr Ma Store: 1 minute by car, 5 minutes walking
  • Distance to Shrine: 30 minutes by car
  • Park Mellat Metro Station: 10 minutes by car

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes

Name of Restaurant/CafeAddressWalking Distance
Vafadar Catering and KebabHejab Blvd, Hejab 9311 minutes
Olive Leaf Food ComplexAndisheh Blvd, between Andisheh 69 and 718 minutes
Seraj Mansion RestaurantHejab, Rastegari 11, Hejab 2/4620 minutes
Royal BurgerAndisheh 5013 minutes
Café DiHejab, Imamieh Blvd, Rastegari Blvd15 minutes
Granow CaféAndisheh Blvd, Andisheh 64, Blue Water Park11 minutes

Nearby Attractions

AttractionAddressDriving Distance
Chel Baze ParkImam Ali and Shaheed Borounsi Highway Intersection13 minutes
Miniature ParkElahiyeh Blvd, Sajadiyeh Blvd, corner of Sajadiyeh 2612 minutes
Flower GardenBetween Teacher 71 and 7314 minutes

Share your experiences and additional information about Water Waves Land in Mashhad in the comments below. Your insights can help others plan their visit!

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