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Espinas International Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective

Espinas International Hotel at the Boulevard

Espinas International Hotel is one of Tehran’s most famous and prestigious 5-stars hotels. Not to be mistaken with Espinas Palace, another hotel of the group located in the north of Tehran, Espinas International Hotel has a prime location in the center of the city, on Keshavarz Boulevard, making it convenient to reach most sightseeing.

Espinas International Hotel has almost 300 rooms and suites, some located on the highest floors having a great view over the city. As a 5-star hotel it offers all services and amenities leisure and business travelers can expect, including an international swimming pool, a wellness center, meeting spaces, a coffee shop and a restaurant. The hotel’s architecture and decoration are elegant, with a blend of modern design and traditional Persian architecture.

If you’re considering Espinas International Hotel for your stay in Tehran, here is an overview of travelers’ reviews on TripAdvisor to help you make your choice.

Espinas International Hotel in Tehran: What Travelers Are Saying

Travelers staying at Espinas International Hotel leave constant reviews making it quite up to date. Overall, the hotel is praised for its professional and nice staff, whether at the reception, the housekeeping, or at the cafe. Many also mentioned the cleanliness of the rooms, the nice view and the prime location. While a few travelers have argued that the price was high in comparison to the services, the large majority of reviewers is fully satisfied with their stay.

Professional and friendly staff

Espinas International Hotel in Tehran
Espinas International Hotel in Tehran

Most reviews mentioned Espinas International Hotel’s personal, praising them for their kindness, professional behavior and good energy. The praises go to various teams, with a highlight on the reception, housekeeping, restaurant and cafe. For Venus E (March 2024), “the best thing was the attitude of the personnel”. Z J (March 2024) added that “every one of the staff is reasonable and always in a good mood” and Voyage319234 (March 2024) explained that the “staff speaks English and reception is great and efficient”. Hesam A (March 2024) summed it up by saying: “The friendliness of the bellboys, especially Mr. Naderi, makes you feel good and the tiredness of the trip is forgotten”.

Clean rooms with a view

Espinas International Hotel Rooms
Espinas International Hotel Rooms

Unsurprisingly, the room’s quality is one of Espinas International Hotel’s strong suits. Many travelers mentioned the impeccable cleanliness of the rooms, such as Zohreh S (Feb 2024) that explained: “Clean room. I am sensitive to hair. I must admit that I did not see a single hair. The toilet seemed to be used for the first time and the bathroom was very clean. The room is clean, spacious and bright.” Majid Z (March 2024) enthusiastically wrote “beeeeeest housekeeping staff clean room” and Tagdyr K (Feb 2024) described: “beautiful king room! So comfortable and so clean with a great view from our room on the sixth floor.” Iran C (March 2024) also wrote about the view, stating the room “had an attractive view of the city of Tehran”.

Relaxing and pleasant atmosphere

Espinas Hotel Atmosphere
Espinas Hotel Atmosphere

Travelers who have stayed at Espinas International Hotel recalled a pleasing experience due to the general atmosphere of the hotel. Mitra A (March 2024) wrote: “We felt the feelings of relaxation there. I experienced the comfortable bed and also I was amazed by the nice environment and it gave me peace and calm in Tehran”. Amirreza G (March 2024) and Yavuz Selim S (Jan 2024) also describing a “relaxing” and “great” atmosphere. Maryam F (Feb 2024) also described: “I make my business appointments in the coffee shop, the atmosphere of the coffee shop is full of energy and good feeling.”

5-stars amenities

Espinas Hotels Gym
Espinas Hotel’s Gym

Many travelers mentioned the various amenities of Espinas International Hotel in their reviews, whether it’s the location, the free parking on-site, the pool or the coffee shop. For Davood K (March 2024) “the location of the hotel and its services are second to none in Iran”. Adasd B (March 2024) also commented that “we liked swimming pool service and also the breakfast and the quality was perfect” while Mohsen M (March 2024) wrote: “I love the sound of the piano playing in the lobby”.

Great Food

Espinas Hotel Restaurant
Espinas Hotel Restaurant

The food served at the breakfast as well as at the restaurant and coffee shop is praised by travelers who stayed at Espinas International Hotel. Masoud M (Feb 2024) explained that the “breakfast nice and enough (with) approximately 20 items nice and fresh”. In another review, Rati (Feb 2024) described that the hotel “has different restaurants, traditional as well and food is delicious. Breakfast is good also”. Mojy (Jan 2024) added: “I didn’t expect this hotel is serving some Asian foods like sushi and Japanese dishes which I found so delicious”. Others, like Safari59133117228 (March 2024) mentioned the Cafe Atrium: “the girls were very tidy, appropriate and always with a smile, this makes the lounge perfect. I would drink something again.”

Reviews Summary of Espinas International Hotel in Tehran

On TripAdvisor, Espinas International Hotel is one of Tehran’s top 4 hotels, gathering a total of 2191 reviews, with a score of 4.5/5.The vast majority of reviews are five star ratings, praising the hotel’s great location and professional services, with rare dissatisfaction expressed by travelers who stayed there.

Critical Reviews of Espinas International Hotel in Tehran

Negative reviews about Espinas International Hotel are few, with poor (1/5) and terrible (2/5) ratings representing only 2 % of the +2000 reviews. Most dissatisfaction can be explained by the gap between people expectations (based on the room price) and their experience. As Ahmed A wrote (March 2024): “Its overall quality and services felt average, not matching the value or expectations set by its reputation”.

Staying at Espinas International Hotel in Tehran
Staying at Espinas International Hotel in Tehran

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Espinas International Hotel in Tehran

Espinas International Hotel is one of Tehran’s most emblematic 5-star hotels. Based on its TripAdvisor reviews, it offers travelers the possibility to experience true 5-star services, while being located in a central and convenient location. As such, we would certainly recommend travelers looking for comfort and high level services to stay at Espinas International Hotel during their trip to Tehran.

Espinas International Hotel Amenities

  • Free Parking
  • Pool
  • Spa & Wellness Center
  • Fitness Center with Gym
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurant and cafe
Inside a Room of Espinas International Hotel
Inside a Room of Espinas International Hotel

Espinas International Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Average distance to the mentioned attractions from Espinas International Hotel in by taxi:

Rooms from 89 €/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Tehran


Tehran Hotels

If you are rather looking for an affordable hotel in Tehran, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Roudaki Hotel Tehran

Roudaki Hotel, Tehran
Roudaki Hotel, Tehran

Roudaki Hotel is a good hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Teatr-e Shar metro station. Its central location and quick access to transportation makes it a convenient choice to visit the city. Furthermore, overall reviews are satisfied with the services of this 3-star hotel that provides different type of rooms and suites.

Rooms from 43€ /night

2. Pamchal Hotel Tehran

Pamchal Hotel, Tehran
Pamchal Hotel, Tehran

Pamchal Hotel is another 3-star hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Haft-e Tir Square and metro station. The hotel also has a restaurant and a coffee shop and provide clean, well-equipped modern rooms.

Rooms from 34.5€ /night

3. Azadi Hotel Tehran

Azadi Hotel, Tehran
Azadi Hotel, Tehran

This 2-star hotel is a good option for budget travelers visiting Tehran. It is located at a short distance from the National Museum of Iran and the Golestan Palace and its rooms are comfortable and clean. Furthermore, friendly and helpful staff are available to answer your needs during your stay in the capital.

Rooms from 33.5€ /night

4. Vernus Hotel Tehran

Vernus Hotel, Tehran
Vernus Hotel, Tehran

Located on Boulevard Keshavarz, near Vali Asr Square, Vernus Hotel is a recently built 3-star hotel that provides the necessary commodities at a reasonable price. Its central location makes it convenient to visit the city by taxi, metro or BRT.

Rooms from 37.5€ /night

5. Roma Hotel Tehran

Roma Hotel, Tehran
Roma Hotel, Tehran

Located a bit outside of the crowded areas of Tehran, between the central neighborhoods and the northern part of the city, Roma Hotel is a small 2-star hotel with only 14 rooms that will suit travelers looking for a more intimate experience. The hotel also has all facilities of modern hotels, such as restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.

Rooms from 38€ /night


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