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Fandoqloo Forest: A Pristine Gem in Ardabil

Fandoqloo Forest: Ardabil's Hidden Gem

Discover Fandoghloo Forest, a breathtaking natural gem located in Ardabil province, known locally as ‘Mashe’.

This pristine forest, a UNESCO heritage site at the start of the Hyrcanian forests, offers a unique eco-tourism opportunity with its meadows of chamomile and diverse fruit-bearing trees, including hazelnut, wild apple, and strawberry.

Just 30 kilometers from Ardabil and 10 kilometers south of Namin, it spans approximately 120 kilometers, blending lush forests with green pastures. Experience nature’s untouched beauty and rejuvenate your spirit with SURFIRAN. Explore this untouched paradise, perfect for nature lovers seeking tranquility.

Where is Fandoghloo Forest Located?

Fandoghloo, one of Ardabil’s scenic spots, lies south of the city of Namin. The forest begins east of Khanqah Aliya, on the Namin-Astara intercity road, stretching northwest-southeast, ending near the village of Hour, east. Fandoghloo is 39 km from Ardabil, 67 km from Astara, and 626 km from Tehran.

Access Routes to Fandoghloo Forest

Several routes lead to this forest, offering a nature-filled experience:

Heyran Pass Route

Fandoqloo Forest
Heyran Pass Route, Ardabil, Iran

If you’re traveling from Astara to Ardabil (via Heyran Pass) and turn into a side road about 200 meters before Heyran Tunnel, on the right. This side road crosses above the tunnel, leading to a fork after about a kilometer. The right path reconnects to the Ardabil road, and the left leads to the upper station of the cable car, Heyran restaurant, and eventually, Fandoghloo Forest.

From Ardabil City

The Ardabil-Astara highway near Namin has a junction leading to the village of “Doodran.” Follow this road to reach Khanqah Sofla and then Arpatapeh village. At Arpatapeh’s crossroads, turn left and after about four kilometers, you’ll arrive at Fandoghloo parking area.

Fandoqloo Forest
Fandoghloo Forest in Ardabil, Iran

Hiking Trails

Given the mountainous terrain, numerous hiking trails lead to Fandoghloo Forest. Among them, the routes from Soha Lake and Laton Waterfall are considered the best for mountain enthusiasts. Both trails’ starting point is the “Mashe Sooyi” hot spring.

Attractions in Fandoghloo Forest

Spanning around 16,000 hectares, Fandoghloo offers diverse attractions and some of Iran’s best nature trails.

Hazelnut Trees Forest:

Fandoqloo Forest
Trees of Fandoqloo Forest in Ardabil, Iran

The abundance of hazelnut trees has named it Fandoghloo.

Mashe Sooyi Hot Spring:

Fandoqloo Forest
Mashe Sooyi Hot Spring, Ardabil

Nestled between the villages of Aladizgah and Giledah, in the heart of the forest, this hot spring is famed for its healing properties for back and leg pain.

Chamomile Fields:

Fandoqloo Forest
Chamomile Fields, Fandoqloo Forest, Ardabil, Iran

From spring to early summer, Fandoghloo resembles a carpet of chamomile flowers, hosting the Chamomile Festival annually on World Flower Day, attracting both local and international tourists.

Fandoghloo’s Climate

Fandoghloo marks the intersection of Ardabil’s dry, cold climate with Gilan’s warm, humid air, making it mostly foggy throughout the year, even during summer’s hottest days. Overall, its high-altitude location offers a cool and pleasant climate.

Fandoqloo Forest
Fandoghloo’s Climate

Staying in Fandoghloo

A small accommodation complex in Fandoghloo allows for overnight stays. Visitors can also camp amidst its stunning natural beauty.

Activities in Fandoghloo

Among the attractions is a grass skiing slope. The Heyran Gondola ride is another thrilling activity, offering one of the country’s most standard cable car lines over a 1,752-meter route.


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Final Word

Discover Fandoghloo Forest: Ardabil’s Pristine Escape

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Fandoghloo Forest, Ardabil’s hidden treasure. With its expansive hazelnut forests, healing hot springs, and vibrant chamomile fields, Fandoghloo offers a unique blend of natural beauty and tranquility. Whether you’re hiking through its scenic trails or enjoying the annual Chamomile Festival, this forest sanctuary promises rejuvenation for both body and soul. Experience the magic of Fandoghloo, where nature’s untouched beauty meets adventure and relaxation. Join SURFIRAN to unlock the secrets of this enchanting forest and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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