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Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective

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Opened in 1962, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel was first named as the Tehran Royal Hilton and was one of the first 5-star hotel of Iran’s capital city Tehran. Located in the north of the city, at the footstep of the Alborz Mountains, Parsian Esteghlal Hotel has 504 rooms and 48 suites over two twin towers. The Hotel also has restaurants and other facilities for leisure and business travelers, from Spa to meeting halls.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Tehran and considering Parsian Esteghlal Hotel for your stay, let’s have a look at the hotel’s TripAdvisor’s reviews to see what other travelers have said about their stay there.

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: What Travelers Are Saying


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Over the past years, Parsian Esteghlal Hotel hasn’t recorded so many reviews so we have limited out overviews to the past 5 years and first two pages of TripAdvisor. One of the two towers of this hotel is more recent than the others, yet the overall reviews suggest that renovation are needed and were taking place in both of them. Let’s first start our overview with the positive feedback travelers remember from their stay.

Great food and breakfast

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Most visitors, whether they are satisfied are not with their stay, have praised the food at Parsian Esteghlal Hotel. Hossin T (April 2023) explains that it has a “seasonal breakfast buffet with 60 types of hot and cold food” thanks to “an experienced staff from different ethnic groups capable of preparing food for the tastes of people from different countries”. M Petit (September 2022) also mentioned the cafes, restaurants, and the breakfast that Mari (August 2029) qualified of “5-star breakfast”. BTmz (May 2019) added: “Breakfast is simply the most abundant I have ever seen. Bread and croissants of 3-star quality, poor cafe, but plenty cheese qualities, plenty of fruit…. in fact, the breakfast is one of best features.” Royal Cafe is also named by Parna (March 2023) as well as Khatoun Restaurant, a “beautiful classic place” according to Elias (January 2021).

Convenient location

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel’s Location

Many travelers have mentioned the hotel’s location as one of its strong suits, in particular for business travelers. Shehab Ashkanani (February 2024) and M Petit (September 2022) both wrote that the hotel is “located in a good place in North Tehran”, while Mehrdad D (September 2019) added that the “location was very good especially the car parking”.

Atmosphere and prestige

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Atmosphere of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

The reputation of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel makes it attractive for some travelers, as it has hosted many celebrities. Hossin T (April 2023) for instance mentioned in his review that “presidents of different countries have stayed in hotels in Iran”. Raana Blz (July 2019) also recalled that the “lobby’s atmosphere was so nice with a pianist playing live”.

Mixed experience with the staffs

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, Lobby

Several travelers have written that “the staff was very kind” (Mehrdad D, September 2019), “very polite and welcoming” (Parna, March 2023), while others have complained about it, saying they are “careless” (Shehab Ashkanani, February 2024) and Sam r (July 2023) even recalled an incident in the car parking about which he said that the “manager refused to talk with us”. Reza Sattarzadeh (April 2019) yet explained that “the staff is helpful though with a bit of a dry attitude, especially if you are Iranian. They seem to be more friendly and sincere towards the western guests, which is a general attitude in the hospitality sector of Iran.”

Critical Reviews of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Rooms of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Unfortunately, there were also a considerable amount of critical reviews concerning Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran which led to think that there is room for improvement. Many travelers have mentioned the fact that the hotel has gotten old and would benefit from a renovation. M Petit (September 2022) explained: “The new tower is still tired and needs renovation, especially the bathrooms. You would see cracked tiles in the bath and overused faucets.” Same goes with Alireza6086 (December 2021) which wrote that the “whole hotel is old fashioned and all the belongings are from 60 years ago” and Bardia X (August 2029) who said “The room is outdated it’s like they haven’t touched the room for 20 years!”. Several travelers have reached the conclusion that the hotel and amenities are rather expensive in comparison to the services provided.

Reviews Summary of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Breakfast Buffet in Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Overall, the TripAdvisor reviews for Parsian Esteghlal Hotel suggests that this renowned hotel is mostly appreciated for its location, nice view over the mountains, and in particular, for its generous breakfast and nice restaurants and cafes. However, many reviews also suggest that the hotel doesn’t reach the expected standards of a 5-star hotel and is in need for renovation.

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, Coffee Shop

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Tehran with a long history of receiving prestigious guests. Well located in the north of Tehran, near Chamran Highway, it also has a convenient access to many sightseeing in Tehran. Despite the negative feedback it received, this hotel can be a good option even though it doesn’t seem to reach the 5-star standard.

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Amenities

  • Free Parking
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Business center and meeting rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Fitness center
  • Concierge
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Laundry and ironing service
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Tehran View from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Rooms

Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Average distance to the mentioned attractions from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran by taxi:

Best Affordable Hotels in Tehran

If Parsian Azadi Hotel doesn’t fit your budget for your stay, don’t worry, there are plenty of hotel options in Tehran. Here are our Top 5 recommended affordable hotels in Tehran.

1. Roudaki Hotel Tehran

Roudaki Hotel, Tehran
Roudaki Hote, Tehran

Roudaki Hotel is a good hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Teatr-e Shar metro station. Its central location and quick access to transportation makes it a convenient choice to visit the city. Furthermore, overall reviews are satisfied with the services of this 3-star hotel that provides different type of rooms and suites.

Rooms from 43€ /night

2. Pamchal Hotel Tehran

Pamchal Hotel, Tehran
Pamchal Hotel, Tehran

Pamchal Hotel is another 3-star hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Haft-e Tir Square and metro station. The hotel also has a restaurant and a coffee shop and provide clean, well-equipped modern rooms.

Rooms from 34.5€ /night

3. Azadi Hotel Tehran

Azadi Hotel, Tehran
Azadi Hotel, Tehran

This 2-star hotel is a good option for budget travelers visiting Tehran. It is located at a short distance from the National Museum of Iran and the Golestan Palace and its rooms are comfortable and clean. Furthermore, friendly and helpful staff are available to answer your needs during your stay in the capital.

Rooms from 33.5€ /night

4. Vernus Hotel Tehran

Vernus Hotel, Tehran
Vernus Hotel, Tehran

Located on Boulevard Keshavarz, near Vali Asr Square, Vernus Hotel is a recently built 3-star hotel that provides the necessary commodities at a reasonable price. Its central location makes it convenient to visit the city by taxi, metro or BRT.

Rooms from 37.5€ /night

5. Roma Hotel Tehran

Roma Hotel, Tehran
Roma Hotel, Tehran

Located a bit outside of the crowded areas of Tehran, between the central neighborhoods and the northern part of the city, Roma Hotel is a small 2-star hotel with only 14 rooms that will suit travelers looking for a more intimate experience. The hotel also has all facilities of modern hotels, such as restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.

Rooms from 38€ /night

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