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The Most Beautiful Biking Destinations in Iran

If you are fond of cycling, you would definitely want to add these destinations to your bucket list!

Undoubtedly, cycling is a ton of fun. No matter if you choose to hop on your bike for starting a new adventure, for health reasons or simply for enjoying nature, cycling has lots of benefits. In addition, if you choose a great destination like a beautiful forest or a peaceful shore, you are going to double the joy.

Biking in nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with it and reduce your worries and stress. Here, we are going to explore some of the most beautiful spots in Iran for biking. These amazing destinations will help you to slow down and appreciate the natural surrounding while biking.

1. Kish Island

Cycling Iran

Kish is one of the most amazing islands of Iran. Located in the beautiful Persian Gulf in Hormozgan Province, Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometer resort island. So, it is a great place for biking.

The good news is that many cycling routes have been provided in Kish to facilitate this exciting activity for the tourists and travelers. You can easily rent a bike or even a scooter to explore the island. During the warm seasons of the year, the weather heats up, so biking on the beach during the evening would be a more joyful experience.

2. Lar National Park

Cycling Iran

The foothills of Damavand encourage any cyclist to enjoy biking here. The hills and rivers of the area, make the route a little bit challenging. So, plains of Lar are more suitable for professional cyclists.

Visiting this amazing park, with its unique flora and fauna during the spring is a must. As well as enjoying great weather, the colorful flowers and beautiful green landscapes, you will have the opportunity to have a picturesque view of Damavand while biking.

3. Qeshm Island

Cycling Iran

Qeshm has some of the most authentic natural landscapes of Iran. It is considered to be the largest island in the Persian Gulf and tourists can bike around this beautiful island easily.

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While cycling, you will cross numerous wonderful attractions such as the Star Valley, salt cave and mangrove forests as well as many scenic beaches. Sometimes, you may even see some camels along the way! Because of the warm and humid climate of the area, the best time for cycling would be during the winter, when the island enjoys spring-like weather.

4. Maranjab Desert

Cycling Iran

While you are in Iran, you can’t miss spending time in its peaceful, mysterious deserts. Maranjab is one of the most attractive deserts of Iran which is fairly close to Tehran.

It is located 60 km northeast of Kashan and can be an ideal place for cycling. The variety of plants and animals, as well as attractions such as Salt Lake and Wandering Island (since it only appears during the rainy seasons), has made the desert one of the most popular destinations for adventurers.

You will sense the magic of sand dunes- some of which reach up to 2 meters- by cycling in the Maranjab Desert. Finally, you can spend the night at the ancient caravanserai of Maranjab.

5. Gissoom Jungle

Cycling Iran

This dreamy jungle is located on the border of the Caspian Sea and is one of the most beautiful and calm national parks in Iran. The asphalt path of this forest winds through tall, lush trees. They provide great shade during the summer and the weather is often misty in Gissoom.

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Cycling along this route will be a joyful experience and you can fully immerse yourself in the peace and silence of the jungle. The good news is that you will eventually reach the Caspian Sea at the end of the road and depending on the season, you may be able to swim and relax on the beach.

6. Kurdistan Province

Cycling Iran
Photo by Azad Ghaderi

Kurdistan province is famous for its breathtaking and stunning nature. Cycling in the center of Zagros mountain range will be a fascinating and memorable experience for any tourist.

The amazing nature, the remote villages and the hospitable people of Kurdistan and their wonderful culture will turn your trip to an unforgettable experience. Because of the rough terrain and steep slopes of this part of Iran, it is a good destination for professional cyclists.

7. Caspian Sea Shores

Cycling Iran

The Caspian coastal route starts from Astara city in Gilan province and runs along the Caspian shores until it reaches Gorgan city in the northeast in Golestan province. The route is about 750 km and tourists will enjoy a mixture of different natural attractions as well as unique cultures of three provinces as they cross the forests of Alborz mountains and the sea.

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