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The Best Places to Photograph in Iran

Iran's Photographic Gems: Capturing Culture and Nature in One Frame

Discover Iran’s premier photography locations, places so unique and exclusive they defy belief they exist within Iran’s borders. These locations span from untouched natural wonders like gardens, parks, and pristine forests to historical marvels such as mansions, markets, and ancient streets unknown to many. Such beauty forms the perfect backdrop, often known only to the photographer and subject.

We introduce the best photography spots across Iran, challenging the notion that only countries like Turkey, Dubai, Paris, or Egypt boast top photo shoot locations. Iran’s landmarks like the Freedom Tower and Naqsh-e Jahan Square are as breathtaking as the Eiffel Tower or Burj Khalifa.

Join us as we explore Iran’s best photography locations, capturing the essence of Iran in a single, unforgettable frame.


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Tehran Shots: A Photographer’s Guide

Tehran, the capital, offers a plethora of sites ideal for photographers. Viewing Tehran through the lens of a tourist rather than just a resident reveals its beauty in a new light. From the Milad Tower and the Nature Bridge to the nostalgic streets of Valiasr, Tehran is a city that deserves a closer look.

Tehran’s Nature Bridge

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Tehran’s Nature Bridge

The Nature Bridge stands as Tehran’s premier photography destination, offering captivating views day and night. Spanning the Modarres Highway, it connects the Ab-o-Atash Park to the Taleghani Park. Following the Azadi Tower and Milad Tower, this bridge has become Tehran’s third iconic landmark.

Perhaps unbeknownst to many, the Nature Bridge has evolved into a tourist hotspot for foreign visitors seeking to capture its beauty day and night. Dubbed the largest pedestrian bridge in the Middle East, it also claims the title of the country’s largest non-vehicular bridge. Witnessing Tehran from the deck of the Nature Bridge can transform your perception of this city.

Valiasr Street

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Valiasr Street, Tehran (photo by Wikipedia)

Valiasr Street marks another top photography spot in Iran, particularly in Tehran. From Tajrish in the north to Rahahan Square in the south, this street presents unique and diverse memories for all. Lined with towering trees reaching towards the sky, it captivates visitors in every season.

Parks, commercial centers, cafes, restaurants, and various tourist attractions along Valiasr Street make strolling and photography here the epitome of leisure and enjoyment.

Ab-o-Atash Park

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Ab-o-Atash Park, Tehran

Established in 2009 on the expansive Abbas Abad lands, Ab-o-Atash Park boasts a unique design, making it one of Iran’s and Tehran’s best photography spots. With facilities ranging from sports and cinemas to amphitheaters and children’s play areas, it’s transformed into a prime photography destination. Moreover, its Silk Bridge, connecting the Ab-o-Atash Park to the Minab Port, adds to Tehran’s sights.

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Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden
Ferdows Garden, Tehran

Ferdows Garden ranks among Iran’s finest photography locations. A historic Qajar-era building, now part of the Cinema Museum, it offers amenities such as cafes and cinemas. Originally established during the Qajar era, it spanned across Asadabad, Valanjak, Elahieh, Mahmoudieh, and Tajrish. Adorned with towering plane trees and bronze statues of Ibn al-Haytham and Sohrab Sepehri, the garden’s walls are adorned with murals and plasterworks.

Other Tehran Locations for Photography

In addition to the mentioned spots, Tehran hosts several other unique locations for photography, including:

Photography in Shiraz: Best Spots & Tips

Shiraz is a treasure trove of historical sites, markets, and lush gardens, each corner offering a unique setting for photography. From the Pink Mosque to the serene Eram Garden, Shiraz is a must-visit for any photography enthusiast.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

Nasir Al Mulk Mosque In Shiraz, Iran
Nasir Al Mulk Mosque In Shiraz, Iran

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, with its glass floor, stained glass windows, intricately carved ceiling, mirrored halls, reflecting pool, and tiled walls, mesmerizes visitors with its festival of light and color. This mosque, located in the Gowd-e Araban neighborhood, dates back to 1876 when its construction began, reaching completion in 1888. Renowned for its intricate muqarnas and colorful stained glass windows, its architects were Mohammad Hasan-e Memar and Mirza Reza Kashi-gar.

Vakil Complex

Exploring Vakil Bazaar In Shiraz
Exploring Vakil Bazaar In Shiraz

The Vakil Complex originally comprised a mosque, a fortress or Arg, a bazaar, and a bathhouse, forming a significant part of the Zand dynasty’s legacy. Each section of this grand complex offers unique photography opportunities.

The Vakil Mosque, with its uniform stone columns and spiral motifs, stands as a key architectural feature among Iranian mosques. The Vakil Bathhouse has been converted into a museum showcasing the customs and traditions of Shiraz, adorned with wax figurines.

Moving on to the Vakil Bazaar, its diverse lanes and numerous caravanserais, along with cafes, restaurants, and various handicrafts, provide the perfect backdrop for photography, shopping, and enjoying Shiraz’s beauty.

Finally, the Karim Khan Citadel, a sturdy and striking fortress, serves as a gateway to the past.

Delgosha Garden

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Delgosha Garden, Shiraz (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Delgosha Garden, not far from the Tomb of Hafez, ranks as one of Shiraz’s renowned tourist attractions. Dating back to the Sassanian era, it was a popular destination for Europeans during the Safavid era. Interestingly, during the Timurid era, the garden flourished in all its glory. Its area of seven and a half hectares makes it one of the best photography spots in Iran, with its predominant orange trees.

Eram Garden

Eram Garden, Shiraz
Eram Garden, Shiraz

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of Eram Garden in Shiraz many times. This garden is one of the best photography spots in Iran and Shiraz, also known as the Garden of Botany or the Garden of Medical Sciences. This beautiful relic from the Qajar era, located in the north of Shiraz, still stands majestically. Its garden design emulates the Zand-era style and was built by Nasir al-Mulk. Eram Garden is the picturesque location that, undoubtedly, viewers will mistake for the gardens of France or the pristine nature of Switzerland.

Other Shiraz Locations for Photography

Among other captivating and diverse locations in Shiraz for photography are:

  • Zinat al-Mulk House
  • Chamran Garden Alley and Ghavam’s Orchard
  • Narenjestan-e Ghavam Garden Mansion
  • Pars Museum or Nazar Garden
  • Jahan Nama Garden
  • Shapouri Pavilion Garden
  • Montazeri-Najad House
  • Khaju-ye Kermani
  • Afifabad Garden or War Museum
  • Qandil Pedestrian Path
  • Babak Mountain and the Viewing Tower
  • Koohpayeh
  • Daregah Forest Park
  • Shajarian Pedestrian Path
  • Closed Urban Space, Chamran Boulevard
  • Shiraz Flower Garden
  • Hafeziyeh
  • Saadiyeh
  • Stone Museum or Haft Tanan
  • And many more.

Photography in Isfahan: A Guide to Great Shots

Isfahan, with its stunning architecture and vibrant history, is filled with incredible photography spots. The Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are just the beginning of what this city offers.

Moshir al-Molk House, Isfahan

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Moshir al-Molk House, Isfahan

Moshir al-Molk House, a splendid and magnificent mansion, is a noble residence dating back to the Safavid era. Its owner, Moshir al-Molk Ansari, and his dynasty were courtiers and servants in the Safavid court. Moshir al-Molk Ansari moved from Shiraz to Isfahan during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid and passed away in 1309 AH (Islamic calendar) due to drinking Qajari coffee. After his death, this house served as the residence for the Prussian Consulate, and later during the Iran-Iraq War, it became a refuge for Khuzestani refugees.

Beautiful Garden of Flowers in Isfahan

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Garden of Flowers in Isfahan

Another remarkable place considered one of the best photography spots in Iran and Isfahan is the Garden of Flowers in this city. Located on Salman Farsi Street, this garden covers an area of 67,000 square meters. The unique features of this garden include the presence of rare and exotic flowers and the existence of cultural, educational, research, and recreational buildings. It’s interesting to note that this splendid garden hosts 395 different and unique species of flowers and plants.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Naqsh E Jahan Square
Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Few Iranians haven’t heard of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This square, dating back to the Safavid era, was once a beautiful garden. Later, it became the site of the magnificent Safavid royal court. Shah Abbas II expanded this square, and it was later named Naqsh-e Jahan Square. It’s worth noting that the initial design of this square was inspired by the Atiq Square in Isfahan.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan

Another notable structure in Isfahan, considered one of the best photography spots in Iran, is the historical and magnificent Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. This mosque, a masterpiece of tile work and architecture from the 11th century, was built between 1602 and 1619 AD on the eastern side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Ordered directly by Shah Abbas I, it took 18 years to complete. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was built next to Shah Mosque and opposite Ali Qapu Palace to honor Sheikh Lotfollah Masjid. In the main building and the vestibule, you’ll see fascinating tile works that have no parallel in any other building. Additionally, this mosque is full of architectural mysteries and wonders.

Other Locations in Isfahan for Photography

It should be noted that the city of Isfahan has other attractive locations such as:

These are also considered the best photography spots in the city.

Photography in Rasht: Tips & Spots

Rasht, the capital of Gilan province, offers unique landscapes and cultural heritage. The Masouleh village and Saravan Park are perfect for capturing Iran’s lush greenery and traditional architecture.

Heyran Neck

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Heyran Neck

Heyran Neck truly lives up to its name, leaving you astonished and bewildered among the best photography spots in Iran. This unique attraction in Gilan, located along the main route between Ardabil and Astara, falls within the borders of Gilan province. You might find it interesting to know that this estuary is divided into three parts: Lower Hirkan, Upper Hirkan, and Central Hirkan. The origin of its name is entirely local. Most of the year, this estuary is completely covered in fog due to its elevation relative to sea level. Walking, driving, and photography are among the attractions of this area.

Lesser-Known Images of Masal

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Masal, Gilan, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

You may not believe that Masal is a mountainous city in northern Iran, only 50 kilometers away from Rasht. The literal meaning of Masal is mountainous or mountainous side. This word is derived from local terms such as Mazal or Masal. An ancient city whose antiquity can be recognized from the cemeteries and ruins in the villages. Masal is a lost city in the clouds with many caves, springs, and rivers alongside its pastures and forests, making it an excellent location for your photography.

Historic Municipality Square of Rasht

Municipality Square of Rasht
Historic Municipality Square of Rasht

Rasht Municipality Square is one of the most important squares in this city, which, with its numerous buildings around it, has become the symbol of Rasht. This building was constructed by the municipality in 1926 and its architecture is inspired by European neoclassical architecture, especially St. Petersburg, Russia. Among the most important buildings around Municipality Square are the clock tower, Leder Post Hotel, and Municipality Museum. It’s worth mentioning that Municipality Square, due to its unique and different lighting, is one of the best photography spots in Iran at night.

Other Rasht Locations for Photography

The beauty of Rasht city is not summarized in these places alone. Rasht city has other locations such as Saravan Forest Park, Saghrisazan neighborhood, Sabze Meydan, Aineh Lake, Masouleh, Mofakher Park, Asalem, Golsar neighborhood, and more, which are extraordinary locations for photography.

Photography in Tabriz

Tabriz, in Iran’s northwest, is rich in historical and cultural sites. From the Bazaar of Tabriz to the El Goli Park, it provides diverse backdrops for photographers.

Traditional Behnam House

Behnam House, Tabriz, Iran
Behnam House, Tabriz, Iran

Behnam House is one of the ancient buildings known as Behnam Ganjeh or Qadaki Behnam. This mansion was built in the late Zand dynasty and the early Qajar period, making it one of the famous and beautiful buildings in Tabriz.

Amir Nezam Grousieh House

Amir Nezam House
Amir Nezam House

The next house, which is currently a Qajar era museum and was built by the orders of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar during his reign, is Amir Nezam Grousieh House. A two-story mansion with a 1500-square-meter foundation, it boasts both inner and outer courtyards, and its beauty is multiplied by its pools and gardens. Upstairs, you can see arched and intricately patterned windows with fully colored glass, enhancing the beauty of this mansion. The stuccos are also prominent examples of Qajar-era art.

Among the halls of this mansion, which currently serve as museum spaces, are the first-floor halls including the Khatam Hall, Music Hall, Metals Hall, Mirror Hall, Chinaware Hall, Coin Hall, and Textile Hall, and in the basement, there are halls such as the Lantern Hall, Lock Hall, Architecture and Urbanism Hall, Men’s Hall and Orders, Arms Hall, and Stone Hall.

Other Tabriz Locations for Photography

Of course, there are other photography spots in the city of Tabriz that are beyond the scope of this discussion. Some other unique locations in this city for photography include Tabriz Miniature Park, El Goli, Kabood Mosque, Golestan Garden, Ainalli Promenade or Aun Ben Ali, Clock Square, Nikdel House, and Laleh House.

Photography in Mashhad: A Photo Adventure

Mashhad stands out as a city blending spiritual significance with architectural beauty, making it a prime destination for photographers. Known for the Imam Reza shrine, it attracts numerous visitors yearly, offering them the highest quality services and architectural marvels. Below are the best photography spots in Mashhad that capture its essence.

Koohsangi Park

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Koohsangi Park, Mashhad

Koohsangi Park, nestled in southwest Mashhad, is one of the city’s most beautiful parks. Built around a towering hill, it’s considered one of Mashhad’s oldest villages. Interestingly, Shah Abbas Safavi celebrated his coronation here at the age of 16. The park’s museum, inspired by the architecture of the Naderi Palace, stands as an undeniable attraction in Mashhad.

Vakilabad Park

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Vakilabad Park, Mashhad

Vakilabad Park, donated in 1968 by Haj Hossein Malek, is a testament to his philanthropy. Positioned at the end of Vakilabad Boulevard, this park offers a rich variety of attractions, including a neighboring zoo, making it a picturesque spot for photography in Mashhad.

Darougheh Historical House

The Best Places to Photograph in Iran
Darougheh Historical House, Mashhad (photo by Wikipedia)

The Darougheh House, another gem from the Qajar era, was built by direct order from Yusuf Khan of Herat. Designed uniquely on three sides, it showcases architectural innovations such as dual-sided staircases and Russian-inspired decor. Acquired and restored by the city municipality in 2012, it offers a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Mashhad.

Other Photogenic Spots in Mashhad

Mashhad boasts several other locations perfect for photography, including:

  • Mellat Park, offering a refreshing green space.
  • Akhlomd Village, showcasing rural beauty.
  • Haruniyeh, a historical testament.
  • Haft Hooz Park, a serene escape.
  • Miniature Park, a compact display of Iran’s architectural heritage.
  • Shandiz, known for its scenic landscapes.
  • Towkal House, reflecting traditional Persian architecture.


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Iran is a canvas of breathtaking beauty, waiting to be captured through the lens. This guide to Mashhad’s best photography locations is part of our broader exploration of Iran’s photographic wonders. From the shores of Bushehr to the mountains of Kurdistan, every corner of Iran offers unique and captivating scenes. No city claims superiority in beauty or cultural richness; every location presents unparalleled photography opportunities that may never come again. Iran is a country of endless beauty.

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