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Wisteria Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective

What Travelers Are Saying About the Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Wisteria Hotel is one of the most recent large luxury hotels of Tehran. This 5-star is situated in the north of Tehran, at the footstep of the mountains, on Darband Street between Tajrish Square and Sa’dabad Palace – a nice wealthy and green area.

Wisteria Hotel offers large rooms and suites all elegantly decorated and equipped with modern commodities. Guests can also enjoy a large indoor pool, a wellness center, as well as restaurants, cafes, and conference rooms.

If you’re considering to stay at Wisteria Hotel, here is an overview of travelers’ reviews on TripAdvisor to help you make your choice for your stay in Tehran.

Wisteria Hotel in Tehran: What Travelers Are Saying


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Built in 2016, Wisteria Hotel is rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor. Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction for the services provided by the hotel and the staff. Many have also appreciated the hotel’s location, both convenient and in a nice area.

“World class services” and great staff

Wisteria Hotel, Tehran
Wisteria Hotel, Tehran

Most reviews of Wisteria Hotel mention the staff and the services provided. Michael K (Sep 2022) described: “We stayed for 26 days and the staff and hotel were fabulous (…) This hotel is truly a 5 star in all aspects specifically the service and care you receive from the entire staff.” Mina H (Dec 2022) also described the staff as “very welcoming, friendly and respectful” while Shiva R (Mar 2022), David (Feb 2022) and Mohsen L (Dec 2019) all used the term “word class service” to talk about their experience at Wisteria Hotel. Filip K (Oct 2022) wrapped it up by explaining that he “”pestered” them almost all the time and they always said… Yes, we can.”.

Unique Location

Wisteria Hotel's Location
Wisteria Hotel’s Location

Wisteria Hotel has a prime and unique location at the bottom of the Alborz Mountain, in the north of the city. Dr Aida R (Oct 2022) explained that the “hotel (is) located in the posh neighborhood at foothills of north Tehran, near the road to Darband Resort, near to vibrant Tarjish Bazaar. Quiet neighborhood.” AsianPeregrinator (Sep 2023) also explained that it’s located in a “very walkable part of town” while Mehdi Nouraghaeii (Nov 2023) added: “If you want to find a good location in the north of Tehran I suggest you this hotel. You can go to the Tajrish Bazaar and Darband so easily (…) do not forget if you choose this hotel, you can go to Tajrish Bazaar in the evening by walking!”. Osveh A (Apr 2022) also explained: “What we love also the hotel location, we can simply walk to Tajrish or to Tavazoh nuts shop and no need to take taxi and waste time in traffic and still you are close to metro.”


Inside Wisteria Hotel in Tehran
Inside Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Travelers who have stayed at Wisteria Hotel often praised the cleaning and housekeeping services. Matt (Sep 2022) wrote: “One of the most important things in this hotel is the cleanliness of the environment in your room and when you walk in hallway you can feel a pleasant smell and see a shiny floor”. Arghi (May 2022) also explained that “unparalleled services were provided to us, including the cleanliness of the rooms” and MoonTy (Sep 2002) who stayed one week at Wisteria Hotel praised the housekeeping service and said that her “room was always clean”.

Comfortable rooms

Wisteria Hotel Rooms
Wisteria Hotel Rooms (photo by Tripadvisor)

Dr Aida R (Oct 2022) described Wisteria Hotel’s rooms as: “large and nicely decorated. Very comfortable bed. Clean room and bathroom.” AsianPeregrinator (Sep 2023) explained that they “stayed there twice and found the rooms very well apportioned”, while Mike T (Mar 2022) added “It’s quite relaxing and what I find really important is that the rooms are secure and soundproof. You don’t hear a thing!”

Good food and restaurant’s view

Hotel Wisteria's Restaurant
Hotel Wisteria’s Restaurant

Several travelers are praising the food quality, such as m m (Mar 2022) who said that “The food in the restaurant was of very good quality and design” adding a comment about the view. Likewise, MoonTy (Sep 2022) explained stated “I’m very satisfied with the quality of restaurant’s food and you can go to the coffee shop and read a book and see the mountains view.” Calimiraramar (Feb 2022) added: “The hotel restaurant is exceptionally good and is blessed with not one but two talented virtuoso chefs. Stay here and eat at the restaurant, you won’t be sorry. I promise you.”

Reviews Summary of Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

On TripAdvisor, Wisteria Hotel has 71 reviews, with a score of 4.5/5, which makes it the 15th hotel in Tehran despite being quite recent in comparison to other 5-star hotels in the city. Most travelers are praising the quality of the services provided by Wisteria Hotel, with a well-trained staff, good food, very clean and comfortable rooms, and prime location. Several travelers who have spent repeated stays or prolonged stays at this hotel recommend it.

Wisteria Hotel Bathrooms
Wisteria Hotel Bathrooms (photo by Tripadvisor)

Critical Reviews of Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

There are just a few negative reviews about Wisteria Hotel on TripAdvisor as 91% of the reviews are either 5 or 4-stars. These negative reviews originated from bad experiences with a member of the staff and can be considered as isolated events in regard to the rest of the reviewers experiences. Mohammad A (Jun 2023) had an argument with the receptionist who spent too much time on his check-out before being replaced by one of his colleague and wrote: “It is enough that one unhappy/aggressive person spoil the experience”.

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Wisteria Hotel is a superb 5-star hotel located in a very nice neighborhood of north Tehran, both quiet and near Tajirsh Square. Based on its reviews, the services provided at Wisteria Hotel reach the expectation of a 5-star hotel, making it one of the best choices for a luxury stay in Tehran.

Sauna Wisteria Hotel of Tehran
Sauna, Wisteria Hotel of Tehran (photo by Tripadvisor)

Wisteria Hotel Amenities

  • 24-hour check-in
  • Express check-in and check-out
  • Free Parking
  • Pool
  • Wellness center with hammam and sauna
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Rooftop terrace

Wisteria Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Average distance to the mentioned attractions from Wisteria Hotel in by taxi:

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Best Affordable Hotels in Tehran


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If you are rather looking for an affordable hotel in Tehran, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Roudaki Hotel Tehran

Roudaki Hotel, Tehran
Roudaki Hotel, Tehran

Roudaki Hotel is a good hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Teatr-e Shar metro station. Its central location and quick access to transportation makes it a convenient choice to visit the city. Furthermore, overall reviews are satisfied with the services of this 3-star hotel that provides different type of rooms and suites.

Rooms from 43€ /night

2. Pamchal Hotel Tehran

Pamchal Hotel, Tehran
Pamchal Hotel, Tehran

Pamchal Hotel is another 3-star hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Haft-e Tir Square and metro station. The hotel also has a restaurant and a coffee shop and provide clean, well-equipped modern rooms.

Rooms from 34.5€ /night

3. Azadi Hotel Tehran

Azadi Hotel, Tehran
Azadi Hotel, Tehran

This 2-star hotel is a good option for budget travelers visiting Tehran. It is located at a short distance from the National Museum of Iran and the Golestan Palace and its rooms are comfortable and clean. Furthermore, friendly and helpful staff are available to answer your needs during your stay in the capital.

Rooms from 33.5€ /night

4. Vernus Hotel Tehran

Vernus Hotel, Tehran
Vernus Hotel, Tehran

Located on Boulevard Keshavarz, near Vali Asr Square, Vernus Hotel is a recently built 3-star hotel that provides the necessary commodities at a reasonable price. Its central location makes it convenient to visit the city by taxi, metro or BRT.

Rooms from 37.5€ /night

5. Roma Hotel Tehran

Roma Hotel, Tehran
Roma Hotel, Tehran

Located a bit outside of the crowded areas of Tehran, between the central neighborhoods and the northern part of the city, Roma Hotel is a small 2-star hotel with only 14 rooms that will suit travelers looking for a more intimate experience. The hotel also has all facilities of modern hotels, such as restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.

Rooms from 38€ /night

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