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Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective

Experience a Truly Unforgettable Stay at Homa Hotel

Tehran Homa Hotel is a five-star hotel located in the center of Iran’s capital city Tehran, near Vanak Square, which is part of the Homa Hotels group. It has 177 rooms and suites over 16 floors, as well as every services a traveler needs to relax: spa, covered pool, a nice garden, and several restaurants and cafes.

Are you planning a trip to Tehran and are looking for a comfortable 5-star hotel? If so, you may have heard about Homa Hotel and wonder if that’s the best choice. To find out, let’s have a look at the hotel’s TripAdvisor’s reviews to see what other travelers have said about their stay there.


Tehran Hotels

Homa Hotel in Tehran: What Travelers Are Saying

While Homa Hotel is a rather famous 5-star hotel in Tehran, the last TripAdvisor trends in reviews show that the overall satisfaction of travelers has significantly decreased. While recently renovated, the hotel seems to struggle to reach the 5-star standard it once had. Yet, it also has some strong suits with which we’ll start our overview.

A great central location

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Homa Hotel’s Location

Unequivocally, the central location of Homa Hotel is appreciated by all travelers. Ferhat (Jul 2019) described that “It is located almost at the heart of Tehran” and a business traveler, Elias (Dec 2020) added that “Homa Hotel is near Vanak that you can acess to fintech office”. Other qualified its location as “perfect” (mahs7575, Sept 2019) and “prime” (GoldieMumbai, May 2019), as it guaranties “accessibility to places and beautiful view” (shaghayegh M, Aug 2019).

Plenty of food

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Homa Hotel Restaurants

Several travelers have mentioned the food at Homa Hotel’s restaurants and cafes in their reviews. Alireza H (Dec 2022) explained that “in the Golestan restaurant of the hotel, a variety of Iranian and European foods are served, with the best taste”. Ferhat (Jul 2019) also described that there is “plenty of food at breakfast and lunch and dinner”, while GoldieMumbai (May 2019) added: “The breakfast was good offering varieties and bakeries as well”.

Nice Garden

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Homa Hotel Garden

Homa Hotel has on its ground floor a large garden, full of trees and flowers, with a large pond, that creates a nice atmosphere, appreciated by several travelers. Farhad Khazaeli (May 2019) explained that he “stayed in Homa hotel in different seasons but in April the garden was so beautiful”, while Alireza H (Dec 2022) described the place as “a hotel with beautiful and traditional Iranian architecture that gives me peace”.

Scenic views

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Hotel Homa Rooms

As the building has 16 floors, it offers some nice views, as described by GoldieMumbai (May 2019) “My room had view of Milad Tower which made it more scenic from balcony”. Another traveler, Elyar Z (May 2023) recommended to “ask for the rooms with yard view for better views, more peace and privacy.”

Critical Reviews of Homa Hotel in Tehran

Unfortunately, many travelers over the most recent years have complained about their stay in Homa Hotel. One of the most important critics was directed toward the lack of cleanness in the rooms and bathrooms as reported by several travelers, such as raminbadiee (Feb 2023): “The building is in terrible situation, dirty rooms, dirty towels, dirty carpet. Bathroom was too dirty. The cups and tea spoon in the room was dirty!”. Besides this, many reviews also complained about the staff, sometimes described “unprofessional” at Rocio Cafe (Bita E, Sep 2021), or “rude” at the hotel by many travelers (Shabnam S, Nov 2019; NMoo, Jan 2020, Amin A, Aug 2019).

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Hotel Homa Tehran, Lobby

Reviews Summary of Homa Hotel in Tehran

While Homa Hotel benefited from positive reviews until summer 2019, past that date its rating has significantly decreased and most travelers have been unsatisfied with their stay. It seems that their expectations of a 5-star hotel did not match the current reality of Homa Hotel, that’s why Elyar Z (May 2023) wrote “Definitely not a 5 star! Lower your expectations!”.

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Homa Hotel in Tehran

According to the TripAvisor reviews of the past year, Homa Hotel does not match the standards of a 5-star hotel, with significant issue regarding the cleanness of the rooms and the behavior of its staffs. This hotel’s strongest suit currently seems to be its location, in the middle of Tehran’s city center, with a quick access to public transportation and taxis.

Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Homa Hotel Amenities

Homa Hotel Amenities

  • Conference Hall
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free internet
  • Free sauna
  • Jaccuzi
  • Covered pool
  • Coffee Shop
  • 24-hour restaurant
  • Bookstore
  • Free Parking
Homa Hotel in Tehran: A TripAdvisor Perspective
Breakfast Buffet in Hotel Homa

Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Average distance to the mentioned attractions from Homa Hotel in Tehran by taxi:

Rooms from 70€/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Tehran

If you are rather looking for an affordable hotel in Tehran, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Roudaki Hotel Tehran

Roudaki Hotel, Tehran
Roudaki Hotel, Tehran

Roudaki Hotel is a good hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Teatr-e Shar metro station. Its central location and quick access to transportation makes it a convenient choice to visit the city. Furthermore, overall reviews are satisfied with the services of this 3-star hotel that provides different type of rooms and suites.

Rooms from 43€ /night

2. Pamchal Hotel Tehran

Pamchal Hotel, Tehran
Pamchal Hotel, Tehran

Pamchal Hotel is another 3-star hotel located in Tehran’s city center, near Haft-e Tir Square and metro station. The hotel also has a restaurant and a coffee shop and provide clean, well-equipped modern rooms.

Rooms from 34.5€ /night

3. Azadi Hotel Tehran

Azadi Hotel, Tehran
Azadi Hotel, Tehran

This 2-star hotel is a good option for budget travelers visiting Tehran. It is located at a short distance from the National Museum of Iran and the Golestan Palace and its rooms are comfortable and clean. Furthermore, friendly and helpful staff are available to answer your needs during your stay in the capital.

Rooms from 33.5€ /night

4. Vernus Hotel Tehran

Vernus Hotel, Tehran
Vernus Hotel, Tehran

Located on Boulevard Keshavarz, near Vali Asr Square, Vernus Hotel is a recently built 3-star hotel that provides the necessary commodities at a reasonable price. Its central location makes it convenient to visit the city by taxi, metro or BRT.

Rooms from 37.5€ /night

5. Roma Hotel Tehran

Roma Hotel, Tehran
Roma Hotel, Tehran

Located a bit outside of the crowded areas of Tehran, between the central neighborhoods and the northern part of the city, Roma Hotel is a small 2-star hotel with only 14 rooms that will suit travelers looking for a more intimate experience. The hotel also has all facilities of modern hotels, such as restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.

Rooms from 38€ /night

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