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The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht

Discovering the Historical Home of Mirza Kuchik Khan

The Mirza Kuchak Khan House in Rasht stands as a proud representation of the historical architecture of Gilan province. This home not only showcases the indigenous architecture of Northern Iran over the past centuries but also tells the story of a remarkable figure in Iranian history. Born in 1257 (1878-1879 Gregorian calendar) in Rasht, Younes Estad Serayi became widely known by his honorific title, Mirza Kuchik Khan. His father, renowned for his calligraphy, was nicknamed Mirza Bozorg (Great Mirza), which laid the foundation for his son’s legacy. Mirza Kuchik Khan emerged as a leading figure in the Jungle Movement, a pivotal resistance movement against colonial and domestic oppression.

Located on the historic Estad Serayi Street in Rasht, the ancestral home of Mirza Kuchik is strategically situated on the northern side of the city’s Municipality Square. This location not only marks a significant historical site but also highlights the geographical and cultural importance of the house in the context of Rasht and the broader Gilan province.

Who Was Mirza Kuchik Khan?

The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht
Statue of Mirza Kuchik Khan in His House

Mirza Kuchik Khan (1880 – 1921), a luminary of the twentieth century, was a revolutionary leader who spearheaded the Gilan Socialist Soviet Republic. As the founder of the Nehzat-e Jangal (The Jungle Movement), his revolutionary fervor was rooted in the lush forests of Gilan. His movement, which ignited in 1914, was a beacon of resistance against both internal tyranny and foreign intervention, enduring until its eventual dissolution in 1921 following Mirza Kuchik Khan’s untimely death.

This historical figure’s legacy is not just a testament to his revolutionary spirit but also reflects the resilience and enduring spirit of the Iranian people, especially those from Gilan. The Mirza Kuchik Khan House, more than just an architectural landmark, serves as a beacon of Iran’s rich cultural and revolutionary history, embodying the struggles and aspirations of a nation striving for sovereignty and dignity.

Why Visit Mirza Kuchak Khan’s Home in Rasht?

The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht
Inside Mirza Kuchak Khan’s Home (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Mirza Kuchik Khan’s home in Rasht stands as a rare relic among the ancient houses of the city, boasting immense historical and cultural significance. With a legacy spanning over 200 years, this home forms an essential part of Rasht’s political and historical identity. Beyond its rich heritage, the residence now serves as a museum showcasing documents and artifacts from the Jungle Movement era, offering a unique glimpse into Iran’s revolutionary past.


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The Legacy of Mirza Kuchik Khan’s Home

Originally the family home of Mirza Kuchik Khan, this dwelling was sold posthumously as per his wishes. The new owner lived on the second floor, renting out the first. Following plans for demolition, public protests led the Rasht municipality to purchase and convert the house into a museum. Despite renovations, the traditional structure has been preserved. Once accessible through the Mostofi Mosque and surrounded by expansive lands, the property has been significantly reduced but maintains its traditional charm.

Architectural Marvels of Mirza Kuchik Khan’s Home

The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht
Architecture of Mirza Kuchik Khan’s House

Designed in a rectangular shape with two floors, the ground level features a large veranda with interconnected rooms, a hallmark of traditional Rasht homes. The second floor houses a grand hall mirroring the layout below. Crafted entirely from wood, with staircases on either side and a charming courtyard adorned with flowers and a statue of Mirza Kuchik Khan, the house’s architecture significantly differs from other historical Rasht residences, such as the Samiei House, showcasing the unique stylistic diversity of the area.

Exploring Mirza Kuchik Khan’s Home

The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht
Visiting Mirza Kuchak Khan House in Rasht

The first floor is dedicated to historical documents, letters, photographs, newspapers, clothing, and weaponry associated with Mirza Kuchik Khan, transporting visitors through the alleyways of Rasht’s history. The second floor features donated items to the museum, with each artifact offering its own story. The house and its surroundings present a plethora of historical and natural beauties, making a visit here a journey through time.

Navigating to Mirza Kuchik Khan’s Home

Located just a ten-minute walk from Rasht’s Municipality Square, visitors can access the home via Saadi Street, entering through Estad Sarra Street. An alternative route from Moadel Square intersects Estad Sarra Street, offering a similarly brief and scenic walk to this historical site.

Nearby Attractions and Facilities

Near Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali’s house, you can visit several attractions in Rasht, which are conveniently located and offer a variety of cultural, historical, and natural experiences. Here’s a summary of places you can explore and their approximate distances:


  • Rasht Municipality Museum: Just a 3-minute walk away, this museum showcases the city’s history and cultural heritage.
  • Kolah Farangi Mansion: Located about 9 minutes away by car, this historical building is a fine example of Persian-European architecture.
  • Rasht Anthropology Museum: A 3-minute drive takes you to a museum dedicated to the region’s ethnographic history and cultural artifacts.
  • Nikmaram Garden: Only 4 minutes away by car, this park offers a peaceful escape with its green spaces.
  • Sabzeh Meydan Park: 5 minutes by car, this is another serene park perfect for relaxation.
  • Hajji Bathhouse: A 12-minute drive will get you to this historical bathhouse, showcasing traditional Iranian architecture.
  • Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali’s Mausoleum: About 14 minutes away by car, this site pays homage to the legendary figure of the Jangal Movement.



Iran Hotels Online

For accommodations, there are several hotels near Mirza Kuchak Khan’s house, including:

  • Hotel Ordibehesht: A 3-minute drive away, offering comfort and convenience.
  • Hotel Keyvan: 5 minutes by car, it provides a pleasant stay.
  • Hotel Fars: Located 6 minutes away by car, known for its services.
  • Hotel Salar: A 7-minute drive, offering a blend of modern and traditional hospitality.
  • Hotel Shabestan: 10 minutes by car, known for its elegance and comfort.
The Mirza Kuchak Khaan House in Rasht
Mirza Kuchak Khan’s House, Rasht


For dining near Mirza Kuchak Khan’s house, consider:

  • Kebabi Ahmad: 6 minutes away by car, famous for its kebabs.
  • Dizi Sangi Doran: A 7-minute drive, this place is known for its traditional Iranian stews.
  • Cafe Restaurant Pavel: 10 minutes by car, offering a cozy atmosphere.
  • Sarzamin Gilan Restaurant: 11 minutes away by car, it specializes in local Gilani cuisine.
  • Mess Restaurant: Also an 11-minute drive, known for its variety of dishes.
  • Restaurant Vahid: 12 minutes by car, offering traditional and international cuisine.

These recommendations provide a mix of cultural, historical, and culinary experiences, making the area around Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali’s house a rich destination for visitors.

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