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Valley of Stars in Qeshm: A Must-See Attraction

A Mesmerizing Landscape Carved by Nature's Artistic Hand

The Valley of Stars is one of the untouched gems on Qeshm Island that is a must-visit for any traveler to the area. While Chahkooh Valley and the Hara Forest are among the most popular sights on Qeshm, the Valley of Stars offers a uniquely mesmerizing experience. Here, visitors can marvel at countless twinkling points in the dark sky above.

Qeshm’s Natural Masterpiece: The Valley of Stars

Stars Valley of Qeshm Island
Stars Valley of Qeshm Island (photo by Wikipedia)

The Valley of Stars is one of the most beloved parts of the Qeshm Geopark. Locally known as “Estalah Kaftah,” which means “fallen star,” the valley is famed for its unnatural rock formations shaped by the erosion of soil, rock, and sand over millions of years, dating back to the Cenozoic era. The local lore adds a mystical layer to the experience, with legends suggesting that these shapes were formed by a meteorite impact.

Where is the Valley of Stars?

Located west of Berkah Khalaf Village, the Valley of Stars is about 5 kilometers from the southern coast of Qeshm Island. Travelers can easily drive from the island towards the southern coast to Berkah Khalaf Village. From there, after entering a secondary road and traveling another 500 meters, you will see signs leading to the Valley of Stars.

Valley of Stars, Qeshm, Iran
Valley of Stars, Qeshm, Iran

Myths and Legends of the Valley

The Valley of Stars is surrounded by local myths that contribute to its mysterious allure, making it an exciting destination for many visitors annually. The strange rock formations in the valley further fuel these tales, enhancing its mystique.

Valley of Stars at Night

Valley of Stars at Night
Valley of Stars at Night

Geographically, the valley resembles a desert landscape under a star-filled, mysterious sky. At night, the stars seem close enough to touch, enhancing the surreal experience of the valley which is reminiscent of the Lut Desert‘s yardangs.

Activities in the Valley of Stars

Photography in Stars Valley of Qeshm
Photography in Stars Valley of Qeshm

Exploring the Valley: Visitors can enjoy the marked pebble paths that guide them through the valley, leading to broad and narrow trails carved out by natural statues. Two large statues stand like gatekeepers at the valley’s entrance, resembling various animals from elephants to crocodiles, adding to the area’s wonder.

Valley’s Rooftop: Reach the rooftop of the valley for a breathtaking and unique view of the landscape. This spot is perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Local Crafts and Stone Museum

Visiting Natural Wonders of Stars Valley in Qeshm
Visiting Natural Wonders of Stars Valley in Qeshm

Crafts Shopping: A booth in the valley offers local handicrafts made from shells and other natural materials, perfect for souvenirs.

Stone Museum: Located in a building named Pazeeraman, this museum introduces visitors to the geological wonders of the Qeshm, Hormuz, and Hengam Islands, featuring 48 types of rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Visit Berkah Khalaf Village

Berkah Khalaf Village, Qeshm
Berkah Khalaf Village, Qeshm

Known as Qeshm’s cleanest village, Berkah Khalaf is situated near the Valley of Stars. The local women keep the village impeccably clean and sell traditional, colorful clothing, which you can also rent for photography.

Best Time to Visit

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The climate in Qeshm is hot and humid. The ideal times to visit the Valley of Stars are during the cooler autumn and winter months, as well as the early spring when the weather is more temperate.

Access and Accommodation

Getting There: A paved road leads from the coastal highway to Berkah Khalaf Village, followed by a manageable dirt road to the valley. Parking is available near the site.

Wonderful Rock Formations Created by the Nature on the Stars Valley in Qeshm
Wonderful Rock Formations Created by the Nature on the Stars Valley in Qeshm

Accommodations: Depending on your budget, Qeshm offers everything from luxury hotels to more affordable lodgings and authentic homestays. Notable hotels include the Alvan Qeshm Hotel, Aram Hotel, and Marina 1 Hotel.


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Embark on a journey to the enigmatic world of genies and fairies at the Valley of Stars, a natural wonder not found anywhere else in the world. For flight tickets to Qeshm or to book accommodations, visit OrientTrips to access the best options available.

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